14 days in - 800 days in NoFap

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  1. Yeah, so I just got 800 days in NoFap with all relapses, ups and downs and everything that I went through this joruney. More - now I'm 14 days in with this streak. Within this 14 days, my life just turned 180 degrees. I don't know how to put this in words.

    I started on 23(?) August 2012. If I look back at this day, I would kiss my own feet for this decision. From this day, my life just went in good direction.
    For everyone that are failing at 7, 10, 14 etc. days - I was failing at 2nd-3rd day. Now, my streaks are +21/+30 days (last streaks: 41, 50, 33 days), so I think some kind of cured, but I will just go with this flow. I have never achieved full reboot (90 days) - I don't know what happens after 50th day (record).
    Till 50th day of last streak, I was having bad health, flu, my head was aching, I vomited, my mood at some days were very good, and at the others it was so bad, I just wanted to stay in bed and watch movies at HBO. But looking at positive side - I was so f*cking confident, my grades went up, I could memorize more and I began to look, that girls are noticing me.

    I don't want to sound like someone experienced - I didn't have reboot. But after each streak, each article and each topic on this board, I knew that I'm smarter, better and more confident. I reached for books, I started workout, began to go on parties and to pubs with my friends. Every single day led me to this day. I read about: how to pick up girls (it's kind of funny), how to look good and dress yourself attractive, psychology, behaviors etc.

    I forgot to write about this 14 days - I went to 2 parties, to 2 pubs, I met many people and had so much fun in my classes with many people from other sections. This 14 days are different from other streaks. I don't know how to write this - I feel like I'm alive.
    Yesterday some older, beautiful girl - absolute stranger - (I'm 19, she's like 27(?)) came up to me and said that I'm sympathetic, handsome and I have beautiful eyes. My heart was puding like crazy, but I was so happy, that I could jump in front of train. I got her number and after we kiss on goodbye, I called my friend to tell him wtf just happend. To this morning I couldn't believe.

    So maybe it's a cheap story, maybe it's bad, but I'm so proud of myself. I can't even write about some things. It's so paying off to do this challenge.

    Sorry for long post.
  2. Don't be, you sound happy. You've made a lot of progress it seems! Keep it up!
  3. Eilix48

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    Very inspiring man, keep up the good work!
  4. Cojax

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    You have stayed by your decision for 800 days, that is determination!
  5. Aviator

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    Haha cool story bro, good luck with the girl ;)
  6. JimmyParacas

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    Lol this is not a long post,kid. This is a great post.

    Don't go near my posts. I've got a lit degree. Those are long :(.

    Think of the girl and those butterflies you felt next time you need to not relapse. Those bright memories of non addiction and the miracles that occur are the best panic button.

    Big hug to you.
  7. Nemedy

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    Thanks for the story. I needed to hear it. I'm in my twenties and during the start of nofap had my first relationship with a beautiful older woman, too. It was the happiest time of my life. That relationship has ended for the most part but you reminded me of how good it felt and what I need to be aiming for. Truth be told I was feeling a relapse coming on...and I normally come to nofap as a last resort which usually doesn't work, but this did. Instead of relapsing I'm gonna go do some yard work ..the fight continues.
  8. Odd Thomas

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    Great story and great to hear. I am just coming off of one of the worst relapses of my life and it helps put things in perspective.

    Even if nothing comes of it, what's the harm in kissing a stranger goodbye? Maybe if we lived fifty years ago I would have said, "Woah man". As long as you keep your mental from spinning way out where it doesn't belong based on empirical evidence, a cheery encounter like that is pretty harmless.

    And of course you never know.

  9. APCIA

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    keep up the good work man.
  10. PUNK

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  11. Fink93

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    wtf man this post is so old and you put it back to life :D

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