14 days No flatline? please help.

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Am I doing something wrong to not experience flatline?

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  1. Quick progress overview:
    Time without porn 2 weeks
    Time without mo: 4rth day today (now trying again, was cautious of death grip, did not edge, and did not fantasize when I masturbated last.)

    Historical porn use

    10 years, 3 hours each day

    Current symptoms:
    * Very high heart rate (once getting home, and usually late at night)
    * Nausea (morning and night)
    * Stomach pain (started yesterday)
    * Headaches (last entire day or hours, usually occurs every few days)
    * Muscle ache (hands and neck)
    * brain fog (occurs every 3 days or so, but a gloomy heavy feeling is always present)
    * Tiredness and exhaustion (becoming less)
    * Urge to sob at random times and irritation at some points to trivial things.
    * Testicular pain
    * Random fantasy flashback bursts to Porn, very difficult to stop, and usually occurs in intervals of about 15 minutes when they happen and can last hours. Right now, it focuses on futanari porn, specifically the hentai "Futabu"

    Possible reasons for no flatline, but want opinions:
    have seen and clicked on some sexy 3D print models, but very little. (the images of these characters are very hard to avoid in the CG market, when looking for 3D prints...and I am refaining more and more, trying my best)
    Have seen some images, but deleted them or closed them immediately. (this would be some images I did not catch on my PC, or images on google that suddenly came up.

    What I do not do:
    No facebook, twitter etc.
    No chats, prostitutes etc.

    What I do, do reguraly:
    Watch one piece, each day. (I'm not stopping this, I need something just to take me away from work and porn) I am naming this, as obviously in anime, you do get some "ecchi" scenes and stuff. (though little in one piece it seems, at ep 80 now.

    Changes made to reduce porn use:
    Working away from home
    sleeping and geting up to a regular schedule 6:45-22:00
    Have not watched porn or hentai at all
    socializing with people on the regular
    Getting out each day.

    Changes noticed after first two weeks:
    My brain now seeks real girls bodies instead of virtual ones. While my brain now notices them as objects for my desire, like in my teenage years, I still see this as progress as for years, I've not seen them sexually, so I think this indicates progress)

    Porn flashes, and thinking of porn results in much less extreme porn than 2 weeks ago.

    In closing:
    I'm really worried guys, and I'm losing faith that I'll ever recover as I'm not hitting the flatline, and my libido is not decreasing. It's probably my brain, but I feel so sick, tired and depressed, I just don't want to feel this way anymore.

    I was hoping the flatline would hit just to take my urge away so that I could recover faster...

    Please, any advice would really be great guys. I'm really worried.
  2. it depends upon how many years or days you were addicted to p , flatline will come eventually according to it
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  3. HelperX

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    Maybe the fact that you still masturbated in those 2 weeks is the problem. You said this is your 4th day without masturbation, maybe that's why.
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    Si es una recaída de Mo y por tanto , la línea plana no llegara ...manténgase una semana más y evite la P.

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