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14 years old, 90 days. What changed? A hell of a lot

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone! I have made a success story at 30 days and I also have a journal which some of you may have seen. I feel the need to create another thread because so much has changed. First I will list all the benefits I have noticed (not exclusive to nofap since I have gone through a lot of self development in the last 90 days too). Here is my list:

    -More motivation: This comes from having self control and a life that is in order. Nofap helps everything with this. When I go to the gym I smash it and I love it, no pain no gain ,it's really fun now. Gained 6-8 pounds in the last month (haven't noticed much fat gain). Cold showers daily too!

    -Great socially: This comes from the increased self confidence that comes from a good lifestyle and a clean aura (nofap does this very well). Bio-energetics has served me as much as nofap too in this field because it releases neurotic holding patterns (tension) which allows you to be more open and your authentic self. Not many people talk about bio-energetics but it is essential to becoming your greatest version.

    -I am better looking: Yes I look great, I look in the mirror and I'm happy, not sad like I used to be before nofap. Also the muscle gain and cold showers combined with good diet gives you great skin and hair. I no longer need shampoo.

    -I am more attractive: Looking better combined with being as close as you can to your authentic self is the ultimate combination to becoming more attractive. Everyone is born attractive. People just get messed up by closing themselves up and having a poor lifestyle. Yes girls do look at me more and I have more friends because I am becoming the person I am meant to be.

    -Nofap is just life for me: I really don't count the days, it's just life now. I have to check my journal to check what day I'm on if I ever have the need to do so.

    -More happy: Just all of this combined makes me way more happy. I believe that I am more sensitive to dopamine because things like music affect me way more than before.

    -More energy: That sexual energy from abstaining and energy from a better lifestyle burns deep within. I feel the crazy energy and drive to do the stuff I enjoy. I am more like I was as a kid.

    So with all of this said here are the habits I recommend adding into your life on top of nofap:

    -Cold showers.
    -Eating better. Less processed foods.
    -Exercise. Hit each muscle group 2 times a week.
    -Do stuff for the sake of having fun. Fun does not mean instant gratification. It means do stuff that only makes you smile. Look back to your childhood if you need help with this one.

    Going to carry on doing everything I'm doing. Life is great. You can be free.

  2. MrPrince

    MrPrince Fapstronaut

    Indeed it is very similar to my journey. "I am more like i was a kid" thats what i am trying to do get back to my child mode energetic and fearless
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  3. Jackson Jacob

    Jackson Jacob New Fapstronaut

    Congrats brother, i am on your way of doing this.
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  4. Hierognosis

    Hierognosis Fapstronaut

    Inspiring, buddy! Lucky to have started NoFap so young.

    I also have seen the connection between diet, fasting and other sense deprivation and NoFap. It has psychological and physical benefits.
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  5. haha. that is something that definately comes with nofap. It helps doing the stuff you used to do and enjoy as a kid lol.
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  6. T
    Thanks! couldnt list all the psychological benefits lol but I tried to put them all into larger pieces.
  7. MrPrince

    MrPrince Fapstronaut

    You are really lucky you started at 14.
    I wish i had. If u conquer this urge now.. i think you will have a very bright future cause i think you developed self awarness at young age so this will really help u
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  8. I see that too
  9. Camm8

    Camm8 New Fapstronaut

    I made an account just to comment on this. I'm on the same boat as you, only difference is that you were self-aware a year before me. When I was 14 up until mid 15 I was really apathetic and had no motivation. I was playing league for like 6 hours after school, scrolling through the vitriolic site called 9gag before going to sleep and jacking off everyday. I realised I had to change all of this is when I couldn't get hard with a girl who was preparing to give me oral. I was really ashamed. However it turned out to be a bitter sweet symphony. After that I decided to create a Youtube channel so I could be financially independent without having to work a crappy part time job at McDonalds. After garnering around 30,000 subs I started taking cold showers, stopped fapping, stopped 9gag and discovered the internet was more than shitty memes and porn. I'm on a streak of 9 days NoFap, 15 Days Cold shower, 15 days no 9gag and 1 month no gaming. I read books about business and only focus on bettering myself whilst on the internet. I'm glad there are people my age (and even younger) that are self aware. It is a rare trait to have my friend.
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  10. Thank you!:) Its great that there's people out there who are young and self aware. Also great job on one month no gaming, thats a lot of time you just freed up!
  11. Harry Maclad

    Harry Maclad Fapstronaut

    Nice job!! I have felt the same benefits too(though I am not at 90 days. I think I am around 50-60. Not really counting. Anyway nice job and I feel like if you keep this up you will become a very successful person in the future. Never fap again!!!!!!!!!
  12. YEAAAA!! keep going too!

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