143 Days and Counting: Then and Now

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    (Actually 138 Days...did the math wrong)

    Hello everyone,

    I posted a thread back in September for my 60-day benchmark, so if you'd like a mid-progression story, you can take a look there. I want to share the transformation I've made, both mentally and physically, since the time I quit PMO in July.

    Before quitting PMO, I had been masturbating to porn at least twice a day, and it felt like something quick to do before work or something to do before bed. In fact, my habit was as natural as brushing my teeth; I didn't think about it much, and I just knew there was a time in the day for it. I had some friends at the time, but I felt shitty most of the time without at least one beer.
    Lacking self-confidence, I relied a lot on my girlfriend to affirm my worth as a man, and I looked at my current accomplishments as if they didn't matter. My face had a lot of acne, I had almost no control over my emotions, and I easily alienated people because I assumed I wouldn't get along with them for one reason or another. Porn was a great way to soothe myself, and the more I used it, the weirder stuff I needed to get the same level of excitement. In turn, porn was really the only thing that could excite me--even at work, the passion I once felt for standing in front of a classroom had become a drudgery. The monotony mostly came from the company's teaching structure, which is in itself ineffective and dull, but my PMO brain only added to it, and the way my students felt reflected my feelings.
    After I spent a wonderful week with my girlfriend, who visited me from abroad, I decided that enough was enough. July 18th, 2018 was the starting moment of killing PMO. My previous thread will tell you everything in the transition period before significant benefits.

    Now: Six mornings a week, starting around 7:20AM, are devoted to weight training. I've researched strength training and size training, and my body looks much better. Through training, I've discovered weaknesses in my body that desperately needed attention, including glutes and abdominals. In addition, my posture is completely fixed: I no longer have rounded shoulders and pelvic tilt. My best bench press is approximately 100lbs, and I get stronger each day.

    Testosterone became much more interesting to me about a month ago, and I researched the best ways to naturally increase testosterone and maintain it. My diet is pretty strict, though I won't say no to a good yakitori place or a delivery cake. Ever since becoming knowledgeable about testosterone, my moods have stabilized, and I feel much better.

    I now regularly follow world news and politics in Japan and my home country, America. I learned which side of the political party I lean on, and I follow people who are incredibly knowledgeable and excel in logical reasoning skills, which has allowed me to think much more logically about things instead of emotionally. From here, I've also started learning much more about my country's history, basic economics, and started reading some of history's most influential people, including T. Roosevelt and Plato.

    Something I never predicted was my attitude change toward my responsibility as a man. One day, a little after my 25th birthday, I became incredibly uncomfortable and was filled with thoughts like, "You need to be the breadwinner. You need to be able to support a family. You need to be able to lead your family like a man. You cannot rely on a woman to affirm your worth as a man."
    Before, I would have shunned these thoughts as self-hate. However, I let myself sink into these emotions, feeling their intensity as they slowly empowered a complete attitude change. The proverbial breadwinner, along with the traditional responsibilities once pushed and practically required by my country's values, was telling me to reach higher and set higher standards for myself. I chose to listen, and I can say with absolute confidence that I feel more like a man now.

    My work performance has also skyrocketed as well. Although the company's teaching materials and structure are terribly designed, I accepted that, as an instructor, it was my responsibility to make this stuff accessible. I stopped blaming the company and the materials and started asking myself, "What can I do here?" Needless to say, my lesson quality is much better, my students enjoy classes far more than they did, and I'm looking forward to the next position teaching children.

    Connecting with men is also much more natural because I've accepted myself--including my dark side--as a man, and I enjoy relationships with people who are vastly different from me. This is because I've learned how to maximize the benefit of being with a particular person: For example, one of my friends has a sense of humor that I simply don't understand sometimes, and I have a dark sense of humor that he doesn't like sometimes. We wouldn't have much fun one-on-one. But, given his randomness, he's great to bring along for a group hangout.

    There are still times when I would like nothing more than to watch one of my favorites, and I can picture it perfectly in my mind, but I have no need for porn anymore. I will never go back to that place.

    And I know you can do it, too.
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    Excellently written dude! I just hope one day even I'll be eligible to write these threads about my month long or year long resistance from porn. Well 6 days strong currently, and a long way to go!
  3. Thank you for sharing this great story. Success :)
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    Great success story, I’m starting it today and I hope I can do it as well
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    Good stuff thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks for sharing man! p.s. you should check out Barbell Medicine. I'm really into strength training myself and they put out some high quality information on the topic that is evidenced based. Anyway, your post is inspiring. Keep going.

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