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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by John1991, Jan 12, 2018.

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    I'm feeling way better. 144 days ago I was on here searching for advice because I had trouble using my equipment for my wife who we were trying to get pregnant at the time. I stopped masturbating altogether, and really didnt try to initiate much sex around that time in early September. There were a couple times here and there we would get it on in a few week span, but something was missing. I didn't have the confidence or the ability to be ready when she wanted it. I stayed patient, and let time go by. I got married and had sex that night, and then probably 3-4 times during my honeymoon. Everything was good. I am probably 35ish days into the reboot at this point. Still was not feeling like a star quarterback ready to go when his jersey gets called..My wife still isnt pregnant I think due to the stress of wedding planning she was missing periods. She got that back right after the vacation..and then we finally got pregnant in early october. After that and through the first trimester which is about over...sex drive gone from my wife. This situation helps my reboot and I understand her body changes so Im not upset about why. This is happening I thought of it as time for me to really get better and when she wants me she will get it. Took about a month, and now we do it and its hard to last just a couple minutes..sometimes a minute but its definitely a great thing because it shows that I am working and attracted to her. I think I am finally cured, never really had an urge to watch porn this whole time because I was so focused on getting better and I hate the feeling of disappointment laying in the bed with an upset wife who thinks shes unattractive. I can do it nightly now..heck the other night I did it and then 4 hours later did it again. Its a proud feeling being at that dog status pleasing your wife and making your self esteem way better. I am grateful. A few things I did through the process was eat healthier, workout and exercise, stayed busy, take maca, longjack, l-thyrosine but cant credit any of it nothing noticeable. I am in my mid 20s and should never be disappointing a female but i have struggled for as long as I remember but never credited it to porn when I was a teen. Guys good luck and think about how important your spouses feelings are when it comes to being ready for sex or putting it in your hand for no reason..You will sleep better at night with a happy loved one next to you. Good luck everyone.
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    Excellent story. I can relate and needed this read this morning. Thank you and God bless!
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    thanks. great job
  5. Thanks my friend ! I am to the same road with you. I want to make a kid with my wife and after of all this years of porn i lost my erection . I want stop PMO make kids and find my self again.

    Thanks again for your story.
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    Thank you for sharing, helps a lot. :)
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    Congratulations! My wife and I are also expecting. I wonder how many NoFap babies are out there?
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    Congrats on the news man hope you make a great dad.

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