15 Ways to Know If Your SO Will Be Faithful

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  1. 1. Your partner keeps his/her word in other areas.

    2. The person likes your friends but keeps a respectful distance.

    3. Your partner does not keep secrets.

    4. He/she is aware of the danger zones.

    5. Your partner has extinguished old flames.

    6. Your love is invested in maintaining a friendship, as well as a romance, with you.

    7. The individual maintains proper boundaries with coworkers.

    8. He/she feels appreciated.

    9. The person is not a narcissist.

    10. Your partner knows the importance of a satisfying sex life.

    11. He/she doesn’t have an excessive need to be admired and liked.

    12. At the appropriate time, your partner will be completely open about finances.

    13. Your lover doesn’t flirt with anyone but you.
    14. The person is realistic, knowing no one is immune.

    15. Your partner’s strong emphasis is “we,” not “I”.

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