15 y/o No PMO progression and tips

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    I Am 15 and i at 9 years i watched my first porn and became addited. I deeply knew that it was wrong and brought me away from my pourpose but the addiction became to strong and i became depressed. My root Chakra and my life Energy with the connention to this life became weak and my brain became weird and philosophical but not in good ways. With 14 i decided to quit but i failed almost every time directly. My Progression began slowly and it was unnoticeable but now i see what i`ve learned all the relapses and in this time. After a big Jojo-time where i failed many times the streaks became bigger and bigger. Now i am at a 45 days streak and i am progressing very good at abstaining from that bullshit that does not serve my lifepurpose and here is what i learned:

    1. Realising the Problem helps a lot.
    2. It goes kinda Hand in Hand with philosophie because for what would you do it if there is no reason to do it.
    you must really give yourself the reason!!!
    3. It has to do with neuropathways and if you understand that you are not your thoughts and that its what your brain/ego wants and not what you as Consciousness want you can break your self free.
    4. Failing isn`t bad if you learn from it.
    5. Know the difference between love and lust ...
    that was so important for me to learn.
    6. Read Books About philosophical Topics … or watch YouTube Videos About stuff like that.
    7. NoFap/No pmo is not the journey it self, its the Moment wen you decide to not pmo if you have urges. In this Moment you have your power back because your urges don´t controll you anymore, you controll your urges and thats the biggest part.
    8. Ice Cold showers are the fucking best tip.
    9. If the urges are getting to heavy go outside, somewhere where its not possible for you to watch porn or do shit. Go for a walk and breath the Fresh air instead helps a lot and are as good as Meditation.
    10. Just go into your bed if you directly Sleep. otherwise you gonna have thoughts that do not serve to.
    11. Try to power your Energie as high as possible off.
    12. Do not use porn blocker because you will fail with it. That you do not look at it has to come from your will.
    13. I took psychedelics and i´ve learned that the answer to everything is love. But how do i define Love. Love is not descrideble one just knows if it is there/ if one is conscious About it. Change Love with everything. Everything is inside you and you are connected to everything.
    14. Build yourself how you want to. Fill yourself up with Knowledge read books, watch films, Question reality and make the best Version of your self.

    Progress yourself with and how you want yourself to be.

    Once the Energie from the root-Chakra is in balanced and fully in Action you will have your Purpose, Charisma, Dating skills and super high confidence. And everything else that you build up on that time and Energy that y´all have from it. I really recommend doing pc muscle exercise for strong erections and even stronger Energie flow.

    I don´t have a girlfriend and i do Dream a lot About it and the perfect one… But its not the loneliness like at the beginning. I felt like i was lost in an infinite Universe. This Feeling goes away further and further. It feels like the nature manifests anything i whant if i let it and just go with it.

    Ground ya selfs Boys and men the only Thing we have to do is to do less than we normally do ( in this area). I exercise and read and eat healthy and my muscles grow like shit thats so cool i push my self to the Limits i didn´t even knew they existed. Do yourself the favour and make the best of your life.

    I wish the best for y´all and i know that in a few years you gonna be hella proud over y´all selfs and that you got that quitting-process. Lets go !!!15

    Quick update that i have reached day 76 ;::))) iam so proud and happy and my muscles grow like shit and i now get really explosivly fast a beard and become a man nofap makes a big part in that because it pushes my Testosteron to the universe and behind
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    Really happy you are dedicating yourself to improving your life!

    I think I speak for more than myself that it is a bit sad that a 15 year old has to go through these struggles. These are the reports that should wake the world up to the dangers of PMO.

    Nevertheless I and probably others whished we had started at 15. That is also the reason to rejoice at this post. Because the message gets through and it reaches the youth, the ones it can make the biggest difference in.

    You are doing great because you put in effort to better yourself.

    Keep it up!

    About the psychedelics, you have tried it once now, best to leave it at one try. You had the experience generally speaking that is the biggest difference in experience you can have. From no experience to 1 experience. Everything more than that is not worth it because it will look in a way like the first experience. And it is a golden rule if you want to experiment but not become addicted.

    I don't know when you did it but I speak for myself that PMO probably led to me experimenting with substances. Because if your mind is so low on dopamine you become susceptible to those things and personally I think and worry sometimes that a lot of youth gets into trouble with drugs because of the PMO overstimulation and combined with the peer pressure that often accompanies the teenage years it is a treacherous terrain. Tread it very, very very carefully or better don't tread it at all.(anymore)

    Goodluck with your journey!
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    Thank you very much for your answer. I have decided to leave it with the experiences that i have now because i want to Ground myself in the here and now and actually be here. I have a very good new book recommendation to this Topic for the People that find their self in a same Position as me : https://amzn.to/2Zunfsw it really helped me with my urges und all Kind of Problems und self-discovery. I am tomorrow on day 60 and i can proudly look back on this journey. The only Thing that makes me a Little bit sceptical is the wet dreams Topic. I had 5 wet dreams and it makes me feel weird.
  4. Brilliant story! You're a young guy and have alot of awareness. I am much older, but strangely, we are on the same daily journey.

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