150 Days - Forever Flatline

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Fap_the_Fap, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Fap_the_Fap

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    I am on day 150, but I feel like I am in Flatline forver and I have given up on life.
    I am de-moralised and feel that I will never feel normal again. I never did drugs, I just PMO 4 times everyday for the last 12 years.

    I have weak morning wood, No motivation, No libido , I feel asexual.
    However, when I touch my penis I feel amazing pleasure, So I know that my dopamine receptors are more sensitised but nothing more.

    My social anxiety has reduced, I feel more confident, I am more centred but its the Libido that I want, My erections are 70-80 % strong but it never happen on their own, I have to stroke my penis to get it.
    Yes, my dick has become thicker and longer and it looks more handsome (lol)

    But when will my Libido come back? When will I have erections by just thinking about women or just looking at a woman? Or want to make love to a woman?
    Will my libido ever come?
  2. Esrak

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    Keep going brother, they say that usually after 6 months you start to improve on the flatline issue
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  3. Shane1985

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    12 years everyday for 4 times!!! Heavens have mercy !
    Dude you need atleast 12 months of reboot maybe even more, just hang in there. Since you already said that you are having strong erections but you have to manually stimulate and you want to get erections just by looking at them.
    Having an erection just by thinking or looking is what you get in your teens and your dopamine receptors are 100 % sensitized.
    So you need to have 100 % sensitized dopamine receptors and that is the highest level you can reach on this journey.
    So just keep going and you will finally be at the peak of this journey having 100% dopamine receptors sensitization and you will get erections thinking and looking at a woman.
    Good luck man!
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  4. GroveStreetBoy

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  5. Fap_the_Fap

    Fap_the_Fap Fapstronaut

    I am ready to wait forever if Iam sure i will be fine someday
  6. Crimson

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    Hey man I get how you feel been in a flat for a long ass time here aswell look it's scary as fuck like the flatline strikes at our core like you just have to get through it you said you've seen improvements so take that like your improving it could take up to 9 months and your mostly through the journey so why give up now :) also if needs be pm me if your feeling a down or need support :)
  7. OneWithTheUnderdogs

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    According to your habits, in the past 12 years you've jerked off to porn 17,520 times...

    You're going to need a LOT of time away from it to fully recover.

    Were you having sex/any kind of other sexual activity in between your PMO sessions? If not, you may need even longer to restore to your natural sexual function.

    12 years of abuse is going to take more than a few months to undo the damage you've likely caused.

    I feel like I am healing after 9 days, but I only PMO'd once a week on average (I binged though).

    The only thing to do is to keep abstaining.

    Keep pushing, keep trying. Don't give up until you really feel "you", again.
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  8. IamRick

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    A day? o_O

    You really think 5 months is enough time to undo that? o_O
  9. NotSoAverageJoe

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    I dare you to masturbate, no porn. Have a good orgasm, liberate your sexual energy and you'll be fine.

    150 days of no orgasms is why you feel like shit.

    Stop repressing your sexuality and let it free.
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  10. Ghost_Rider

    Ghost_Rider Fapstronaut

    You are yourself telling the benefits you are experiencing,
    Getting libido back is a secondary thing, primary thing is your social anxiety, your confidence, your physical health.
    It's good you are improving in your life , i think that's the main thing .
    Now coming to the point of your libido, you say you get 70-80 % erection when you touch your penis, guess what that's what normal people experience, so now you are in normal people category nd you know if it comes to sex now, you can atleast perform, so you are at bare minimum requirements for sex,
    Just hang on, now you will be better than normal people if you hang on ,
    People who re-sensitizee their receptors after de-desensitization are actually lucky because in future, the chances of your receptors going down again is dramatically less compared to a normal person who doesn't know about this stuff, your brain won't de-sensitize your receptors quickly this time
    As some guy said above, your orgasm count is at around 17000 times in 12 years.
    COME ON MAN, it will take time after so much abuse, i mean the number of orgasms you had, if a normal person has that many orgasms,(suppose he does 1 orgasm every day) he will do that in 50 years and you did that in 12 years
    No wonder you would be having libido of an old.man, because that's what your brain actually is at, its receptors are 50 years old,
    But repair is in progress, you want libido of a teen then you must wait, try to increase testosterone by food not supplements and you will see in time, you will be completely fine,
    Just hang on, maybe 6 months from now you will be 80 % healed, it all depends how hard you can do the reboot
    Best of luck and enjoy.
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  11. Eamonn

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  12. looking into flatline and saw this, do you think this helps flatline. i have been on porn for circa 20 years, now giving up with a fight

  13. Fenix Rising

    Fenix Rising Fapstronaut

    You're not alone. I've been doing something similar for the past 15+ years. Maybe not every day, but often I could go as high as 8-10 times a day, to complete exhaustion, sometimes getting it all swollen, insanity, I know. I'm in the same boat as you now.

    My fist 90 days of abstinence from PMO and sex 7 years ago has given me erections like being a teenager, last year's 90 days hard mode has cured my PIED once again, but I still needed some kind of stimulus to get hard boner, this time around, after 89 days of hardmode, I'm in total flatline. Even my morning wood is gone. I'm getting worried.

    If you don't mind me asking, are you also in hard mode (no sex) or "just" no PMO?
  14. Anonymous86

    Anonymous86 Fapstronaut

    Why would someone need to masturbate to no porn to get out of flatline? Shoudln’t he go abstinent longer so he starts to resensitize his receptors until he starts getting erections again?
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  15. Fenix Rising

    Fenix Rising Fapstronaut

    Of course he shouldn't MB... I don't know where people find such advices. The best way to sensitize (multiply) your brain receptors quicker is as little dopamine stimulus from any kind of sexually related activities or content as possible. Less dopamine receptors get from it, quicker they will recover. With compulsive mb, we flood our brain with dopamine and oxytocine (just like with opioids just to lesser degree), so brains fights that imbalance by reducing receptors. Mbing during recovery is like junkie taking a hit while trying to quit.
  16. Bro, I'm 7 months in and I'm still in a flatline. I've been addicted to PMO (mostly MO) for 3 years and I only fapped 1-2 (sometimes 3) times a day. But even then, I won't give up since I'm starting to get my libido back now
  17. Someonefrom1981

    Someonefrom1981 Fapstronaut

    Nofap, is not pleasering yourself but you can make love to your wife.. so if that works good, why worry just keep a nofap streak..
  18. wlx3

    wlx3 Fapstronaut

    I'm in a similar boat, man. Just imagine how terrible it would feel to relapse and push your time to recover even further away. I doubt that you are the special case that is broken and can't recover. It's just going to take time. I find it's helpful to write a letter to yourself when you're feeling like this to remind yourself why you started, and why you need to continue.
  19. SaiyanWarrior

    SaiyanWarrior Fapstronaut

    Im in a worse situation as I keep relapsing every 3 days. I think I have to do min 6 to 12 months reboot but always repase. I have to get healed BEFORE my marriage otherwise I won't be able to make love or keep her happy.

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