151 Days and no longer counting

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Ranvanp, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. Ranvanp

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    It's been a little while since I've bothered to look at the no PMO counter. Was surprised that it was 151 days.
    Other than a little bit of a stint about a month ago when I was reflecting on masturbation nostalgically I'm all good. Can't even believe I was nostalgic all that time wasted.
    It is nice to not have to feel like checking out every woman I see.
    It is nice to just be getting on with my life.
    It is nice to have more time available to work on my business.
    To be honest, business is a bit iffy at the moment. If I don't succeed though, it won't be because I spent all my spare time in my office with my dick in my hand.
    I feel positive for the future, I feel strong and whole.

    90 days as a target for a reset is good but 90 is just a random number.
    For me, all the real strength and power has come recently. Admittedly, most of the benefits are subtle or mild.
    If how I feel right now was described to me when I began this happy journey, I might not have started it. I might have just stayed with all the hypno and feminization bs that I felt was natural for me at that time.
    But when I look back at the person I was then from this vantage point. I would never go back.
    Being here and being me right now is nice.
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    Good bro, nice to hear this.....
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  3. quit@porn

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    May you have lasting peace and happiness.
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  5. Mirach

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    Congratulations @Ranvanp on the days of abstaining. Yeah 90 days is only just a number and we should see it as that. It is the required shift in perspective that we need to bring to truly free ourselves from our chains of P. And congratulations on creating a business, what a wonderful achievement that is!
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  6. dankestmemes

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    Wow, this is the goal right here!
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    As someone who's on day 11 from the same sissy/feminization stuff, I'm glad to hear someone saying it's disappeared with time and work.

    Thanks bro!
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    @ForABetterLife20 Bro your mind will get better and stabilise to your true self. You wanting to change and move away from the P you watch is a sign that your mind is not in equilibrium. Keep pushing and have the faith and you will see the change you want and you'll be able to help others. :)
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  9. Ranvanp

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    Don't stress about it brother, all it takes is a little time and a commitment to yourself and you will get there.
    Some things that helped me.
    >Reading other people's success stories, inspiring
    >Reading other people's problems with all the sissy bs, realise you are not alone and whilst your experience is personal, it is not unique.
    >Read more about the creators of porn and who actually owns the porn industry, who are these arseholes and what is their agenda?
    >Put a simple porn blocker on your electronic devices, you will be able to get around it if you want to but at least it will make you think first.
    >Have a plan in place for when you are tempted, I got myself into the habit of going to this site or to the reddit community. Use the panic button.
    >Think of your counter, if you slip it is hardly the end of the world, you can always start again. But do you really want to go back to zero days?

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks for this post
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  11. Hi man, great work. When I read your post I think of Friedrich Nietzsche. He said that when a man keeps looking towards his destination he takes his eyes of the path. Therefore he loses his way.
    Of course it is important to keep a record of being PMO free. But it is more vital to focus on the here and now. This is all we have after all.I have to reset my PMO counter yet again. It is hard and disheartening but necessary.
    Keep going and continue posting. Good luck.
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