159 days I feel like I'm losing control

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Ebervg, Dec 15, 2021.

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    I feel like I'm losing control
    In the last two weeks I have re-experienced some urges related to the world of immorality. Thank God I have been restarting for 159 days, but right now I am worried because I have been inundated with a strong impulse to return to certain harmful behavior, I mean contacting a sexual partner that I met months ago. I don't know, but I'm starting to feel a strong desire to talk to her, it is worth mentioning that the last two times I saw her we only saw each other for dinner and chat, but the context of that relationship was certainly created. in a world where he was mired in pornography and masturbation. Now I'm afraid that getting back in touch is a trigger not only to end my streak but to return to a cycle of relapses. Actually, I do not pretend to have a sexual encounter, but I know that if I see her again, the temptation will be great. For now, I am at the limit where I already unblocked it on my social networks and started looking for it on Facebook. It's like he's longing for us to get in touch again somehow.
    The PMO is personified in that person and wanting to see them again is actually a desire to relapse. I don't want to end the year with a relapse. For the first time in more than 20 years I want to end the year without drowning in a sea of depression and lies.
    I ask for her prayers to stand firm and advance on this path of freedom.
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    Hi Brother , i read your comment , i just want to tell you that you are spectacular , you have many days and that is awesome.
    Second, sometimes we doubt and we want lose every day but that does not mean that you should relapsed , i know you put in a lot of effort yo hit that streak and i also know that you will not relapse now, keep trying and you will be very proud of you bro, good luck :)
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    From my experience, if you go down this path of contacting this person, your brain will find an excuse to relapse. Do what you know is right bro... if something is telling you to stay away from it, then stay away. Remember you’re always in control. It’s always your decision. So make the right one.
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