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160 days clean. this article will mostly contain advises with clean language

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by evenprincehaveproblems, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. evenprincehaveproblems

    evenprincehaveproblems Fapstronaut

    note: for the TLDR people, i have this summary. read it, and i hope you will find yourself intrested to read the long version.

    the short version.
    - you can't beat porn (P).
    - if you can't beat it, run from it.
    - that's how i ran from it:
    1. got rid of internet for a while - use internet in library ect.
    2. put P-filters and blockers. some of them are useless shit, some of them a true solid gold.
    3. get rid of your privacy: use extreme measures.
    4. write all the time your experience.
    5. study the finance side of P: P-math and P-recruitment.
    6. it's easy to stay in the P area that you know - so at least stay there.
    7. never see a P ad, avoid them.
    8. netspark is a very good filtering app for windows and android and iOs/mac. (ANDROID 1# rank for me)
    9. make your addiction work harder to achieve it's drug.
    10. apple's screen time is a very good blocking app for iOs/Mac.
    (iOS 1# rank for me)
    11. pluckeye is a very good blocking-delay-based app for windows and android. (WINDOWS 1# rank for me)
    12. the longest list of filter, delay or tack apps you have ever seen.
    13. need program to keep your passwords and release them only after you request it and wait a specific amount of time ? try the "lockbox".
    14. tempt to go outside ? try a solid safe to put your car keys inside.
    - my advice are not some useless bullshit like "believe in yourself" or "stay strong" or "study and gain a hobby". i don't live in dreamy land.
    - good luck.
    15. Qustodio and Mmguardian are also good filtering tools.
    16. there are 300+ app blocker and app locker in android that are completely bloody useless, and i have no clue why the hell they have such good ratings in google play. zero clue !

    the long version:
    my "eureka" moment happened, when i realized, i cant beat porn (i will call it P in this article).

    i cant beat it, more than that - if i would find out how to beat it, and slip this knowledge to millions of people, the world would seize to exist.
    think about it - what is P ? P is 1 million or so woman, some of them very attractive, with their nude body, to be accessed by me 24/7, as long as i would like.
    who am i ? i am a "man", and its an interesting word to describe me, "men". why the world don't call me a "walking computer" ? a ''70% water creature'' a "biology marvel" ? or "a two-leg creature" ? why "men" ?
    from all the attributes they can choose to make my name, the world choose to name me after my attraction to WOMAN, not name me because of my amazing brain or my complicated organs.
    the world, so it seems, named me like this for a reason, because woman is so big and important part of a MAN life, that no matter how hard he will try to feel indifferent when he is near them, he will always fail, and try to get close to them.
    and if i would find a way to delete that, i, therefore, have deleted my essence, and so - my name, and the names of all "men" around the world.

    now, i want you, dude, to answer me, and honestly so:
    can you beat the attraction of a single nude woman ? maybe ?
    and how about 2 ? maybe 2 will take you down ?
    and 20 or 22 ? or even 28 naked woman ? how about 40 or 42 ? and 456 ? and 457 ?
    you know what, imagine you are in a field surrounded by 10,000 woman, it's 10 groups of 1000 each, can you defeat that ?
    lets scale up - how about 456,000 woman ? you can beat the attraction of 456,000 naked woman ???
    and how about 1,500,000 ? can you beat it ?
    the honest answer to that is ''NO''. exceptions can happened of course, but the vast majority can't handle it.

    we - a human being who used to have maybe 50 potential woman to choose from in our ENTIRE life time, can have at every SECOND access to around 800,000 woman, easy.
    and not only that, but also DeepFake tech can put faces of every woman you can think of, to any P session, so it's really never ending supply of beautiful woman, to any sexual encounter, story or scenario, you can think of.
    and not only on the flat screen - because tech is providing us with 3D devices that makes us feel like ''we are there''. or 4K and 8K screens.
    i mean, most of us don't have 4K screens as a computer screen, what would happened when 4K becomes the norm ?
    and not only real woman, because 3D designers can model in the computer millions of digital woman, with absolute detail, for every fantasy, and sound engineers can design millions of voices (for every scenario) to all those woman.
    is that it ? nope , i am just beginning - P industry will go to all aspects of life: gaming, cosmetics, even infrastructure of brothels, and when given enough power, will issue laws that will allow P actors to provide sexual education at school.
    the future is dark, my friend, very dark indeed, to every male with a normal sexual urge - the P industry WILL find you, and will do everything to pull you in.
    a lot of kids today are dead-men-walking, they have been targeted by the P industry and they don't even know it yet.

    And so i understood one important thing - whats the point in fighting ? whats the point to fight a heroic battle against my urges, win or lose a single battle, a single moment, a single hour - what the hell is the point ?
    its like be in a third world country - and struggle to find one piece of bread, so i can make it another day, whats the point living that way ? isn't it better to leave this third world county, and go to (although hard and long) journey to USA or EU, so you can have better life ? why fight for the crumbs ?
    i can fight, i want to - but i don't want to fight in a non-ending battle with no gain and no clear end.

    when i understood that, i took a journey, a long and hard one, that took me to 160 days of being clean.
    when i say clean, i MEAN CLEAN - not a single P pic, no bikini. nothing. not single touch to my... thing. (unless i need to piss and stuff).
    160 days.

    now that the idea behind my actions is already explained, now i will state my advices, i did all of them, but i don't think i did all of them at once, so if some of them contradict, you know why:

    1. get rid of your private internet, and get a public one:
    when i say the sentence "get rid of you private internet" people will look to me like i am crazy, and rightly so - get rid of the internet ? i need it ! for work, for education, how can you say delete it ? do you live in 2019 or 1919 ?
    thats why i add: "and get a public one"
    look - why do you need internet ? for education ? go to the library and download all you need or study there. for work ? so surf from work..
    if you keep your eyes and ears open, you suddenly can see a lot of places to get internet from public places.
    and yes - of course you might download P from the library and go to your house, but look at the bigger picture - now you need to make an effort to find P - go to the library, download, go back to house... work work work... your addiction doesn't like work.

    2. put P-blockers on your electronic devices, that can ONLY be removed by password.
    good news: google, apple and a lot more companies start to notice us, the fact that people might not intrested to get full access to all P in the internet. and that's a good thing, because they realize that we are a market too, and this market (us) are willing to pay to get clear from P.
    are you an Apple fan ? apple have put a thing called "screen time" - that can: block all you don't want, with a password that your friend can type and remember for you.
    Netspark is another thing - i got a religious jewish friend that told me a year ago that its quite popular among the religious people of israel, for android and windows devices, but its not cheap... i had it and its great, although i wouldn't recommend it on iOS devices. it even prevents you from rebooting your android in order to remove the app.
    there is also google family app that can prevent you from searching P on google, but thats not really helping - you can always search on other search engine.
    Pluckeye is another very very useful tailor-suited to combat P. that might actually be the best program for preventing you from seeing P. and i use it myself: hard to remove, easy to install, easy to adjust to your needs.
    it also doesn't need password - you can use it alone ! it's based on a "delay time" you set. i will add more detail in extension 11.

    i got 2 important things to say about advice number 2:
    a. there are a lot of apps that don't supply the required demand: apps that block P but can be easily removed, apps the barely block P, apps that barely do anything... so pay attention.
    b. most of this apps are based on the assumption that you have a family member or a friend you can count on to give them your passwords.
    and this friend/family is reliable.
    and this friend/family is tough enough not to give you the password "just because you asked", and will give it to you only when you supply him what you agreed on upfront before you gave him the password.
    that's why girlfriend and wives, even our good caring mothers are a lot of times not so great for this job - because the simple fact they don't feel urges like we do so they will keep the password for 2 months than get careless or just give the password to you on your mere lame excuses because they think "its not a big deal anyway" or "well he probably is ok now !".
    either get a man to hold your passwords. that won't give you the passwords even if you are dying or something, or clarify strongly to the woman you give the password to what "no" means.

    and the best part - the more people download and use P-blocker apps, the more the big companies will start notice and they will want to join the party too - and get us even better apps, and so on and so forth.

    some have something against the P-blockers, they say "i want to know i escaped P because of myself" or "i can't rely on a some code lines to keep my life sane".
    the first claim is idiotic, i won't even refer to it.
    the second claim is somehow understandable: the idea that some code lines are all there are between us and some horrible P scene sounds... fragile.
    but if you take a closer look at your life, you will see you live like that in every single way:
    a single letter at your your bloody genetic code can make you weak, fragile, idiot, ill. a single letter.
    you know what - lets say you computer has a lag in your writing: a lag of... let's say 1.5 sec, that means you have to wait 1.5 sec before the letter you typed will appear on screen. how fast will you go frustrated and crazy about it ? you won't last a week.
    so... even your good writing experience on your computer, is fragile.
    and please let's not talk about your computer security...

    does filtering means put your live's hands in some program ? yes it does.
    there is a bond between the filtering program and company who makes it, and the addict, a trust, and if they violate that trust, do whatever you can to correct them, and if they don't correct themselves - do whatever you can to keep other people from them.
    but you have to rely on someone - who would you rely on ? your family ? how is your family going to protect you at 2 am when all are asleep ?

    i put my trust in the filtering program.
    i put my trust in the company who made this program.
    but first and foremost, i put my trust in the power of the dollar: if this company is smart, they know exactly what kind of P epidemic is going on.
    and they know exactly how many people need a reliable, good filtering system that won't be uninstalled easily.
    and if they are stupid enough to make a program that is easy to remove, than there would be a lot of more companies that would be more than willing to take their place and make a lot of money.
    because P is A LOT of money. hence the programs to escape it have a potential of A LOT of money as well.
    it's only a matter of time now, and if you are old enough to remember the internet 9-10 years ago you will see immediately what i am talking about: there were back than 0 good filtering programs. no Apple screen time, netspark was at early phase back than, and a lot of filtering companies just started their first hesitated steps back 10 years ago. now they have matured a lot.

    3. you need PRIVACY ? no you don't
    people don't realize that, but masturbation (we will call it M in this article) needs a lot of conditions.
    above all, the need of privacy is a must.
    and you can get rid of privacy rather easily.
    how ? i will give you an example - you live with your parents, you got a room with yourself with a door.
    why do you need a door ? really, why ? when you need to change cloths ? change in the bathroom.
    remove the door by yourself, and act like it's not a big deal, or act like you did that because of a bet, or act like you do it for experiment, or anything - you learned how to lie well to everyone about your P use, so use this "skill" this time for good purpose.
    and that's one example. there is so much more - but only you can know, because you see what is around you, you know what causing your privacy and you know how to eliminate it.
    and yes, it's hard at first, but life with P harder, no ?
    tough enemy, tough actions.
    you know, it's funny, because some will look at this advice and say "wow this guy really is totally crazy, REMOVE DOOR ? what my family would say ? and friends ? and girlfriend ?"
    let me ask you a question - do you feel happy, being the P addict that you are ?
    does it help your social standing at school ? at family ? your romantic relation with girlfriend ?
    help you study well ? no. help you get good grades ? no again.
    now lets assume you do as i said - you remove this door. you take it and throw it, and yes - you get weird faces. that's right. you will.
    let's say removing this door is effective, because you live in a house that always is crowded, there is always someone there walking or moving, you simply CAN'T watch P like this, and you are mad at yourself, "oh my god i really need to see P, why the hell my stupid sister insists to bring her stupid friends all the time so i can't have privacy at my room ! why the hell i was so stupid to remove this door... fu** this guy from nofap forum who advised me to do that", frustration.
    you might steal a moment or 2 for P, but that feels rushed, and you constantly trying to hear the house door - does anyone enters ? is anybody here ?
    and at some point, you just give up - the urge to see P can't live with this constant non-privacy, your frontal brain takes command, and you are starting to do good stuff again.
    you cook - and your family who thought you were weird, doesn't care anymore - because you are a pleasant teenager/man again, who helps, cooks, learn..
    everybody at school knows you as the "guy who removes his door, so weird !" now they know you as the "guy who learns a lot and can help you with your homework, who has a nice skin, a muscular body and a self-confident personality"
    how long do you thing people will give a sh** about the fact you removed your door, if you are so so much more than that ?
    remove a door isn't just a simply step forward, it's an INVESTMENT.
    and an investment with a HUGE PAYOFF later.
    that's my point. i am a business man who offers you a great deal, take it or leave it.

    4. write, write, write.
    picture this moment - you didn't looked at P or M for 11 days. you feel tired, you feel angry or bad for no reason, than you open your diary, and see something like this from something your wrote a year ago: "dear dairy its 11 days that i haven't seen P or did M, i feel tired, i feel angry or bad for no reason"
    and than it continues: "dear diary its now day 13 and i feel much better"

    you see what is happening ? documating your events will give you amazing insights and confident to move on, because you already know what is going to happened, you have seen it before.

    5. see P as it really is - remove the curtains
    what is the salary of an average P actress ? how to start be one ? what do you need ? how do you start a successful P website ? what kind of people work there ?
    i want you, next time you see a P video, to never see it the same way.
    after i watched movie "hot girls wanted", i think i haven't got aroused from a single P video for 2 and half months.
    and even after a lot of time, the back of my head still thinks about this movie and analyze the P video that i see (if i see it) through the glasses of this movie.
    look in google for "wanted" ads for the P industry, what is the job demands ? how much money do they offer ?
    look in google and write "i want to work in P industry but i am scared of abuse"
    in other words, try to get into the shoes of a P actress and try to see the world like they see it, what better way to do that than to act like them in google search ?

    and than suddenly - you know that lighting budget for this P video you see is 1500$, and the P actress probably got 2200$ to have this shoot, probably to get rid of student loans, and you can see better if she is faking it (and get less aroused because of this informantion), and you guess there are probably 5 more people looking at the set. including mr james that hates his job, but need the money because he got fired... and so on and so forth.
    information can arouse you, and information can do the opposite, try look for the opposite.

    6. its hard to quit P you do know, its easy to stay there. so at least stay there
    don't go to new areas of P you don't know.
    its easy - you know why ? because you don't know what you are missing.
    that's how a lot of people are avoiding P - they never seen it, they don't know what they are "missing", so they don't go to it - simple, smart and VERY effective.
    want to know how much effective ? all right - what age did you start see P ? lets say 15. so - have you ever wanted to see P when you were 14 ? of course not. and why ? because you DIDN'T KNEW EVEN WHAT IT IS back than.
    but you unfortunately DO know P, but you don't know all of it - you see only videos ? stick with videos.
    someone told you there are flesh and bone P robots ? don't try them, stick with videos.
    why ? because you will get bored, and so, your addiction becomes weak, when that happened, this is your big opportunity to quit it.
    i say it again - it's very hard to quit P, its easy not to expand your P types.

    7. never see a P adversary.
    you try to open a P video, but there is an adv of P. you enter a P page, and all around are adv pictures.
    once you recognize a P adv, your mind should do 2 things in the next 2 mili-seconds: A: put your ear plugs out, immediately. B: look away until adv is done.
    i don't ask you to stop watch P in the middle of a strong urge, i simply ask you much easier task - whatever you do, don't watch P adv.
    why ?
    P industry see you as a potential pile of cash, and the only way to make you a real pile of cash is to get you down their spesific path - and the only way to do that for them are not through P videos. which are mostly 99% free and don't encourage you to look for more alternatives (mostly), it's through adv.
    you may ask - "ha ! how a single adv can get me go off tracks ?"
    i would answer - true, its a long way, but the P industry are much smarter than you, they hire people who knows about you more than you know yourself, with Phd, and one adv after the other, they will change you, it will take years. but they have patience. and at the end you will pay off - not anymore a guy who see free videos, but a pile of cash.
    but this smart guys forgot one thing - if you don't see their adv, if you don't hear it, they can't affect you, all their cleverness can't beat this simple fact. if you look away until adv is over, if you remove ear plugs, if you avoid the adv all around the page and focus on the P you came for only - they simply can't do much about you.

    8. extension about Netspark app for android and windows (iOS i am not so sure it's good).
    what is netspark ? netspark is an app that prevent you from seeing P, but don't ruin your surfing experience - for example, let's say you want to surf into wall street journal, but there are bikini pic there - netspark get you into the wall street journal and take off the bikini pic, placing blank boxes instead.
    this app is installed on the computer or device, and affect all surfing from all sources - Wifi , cellular internet, anything, it doesn't care how you get your internet into your device, it takes care of it anyway.
    this app comes with anti-removable option, and when i say non-removable, believe me, this guys thought about almost anything - you delete netspark files in the windows file ? they just pop up again. you try to shut the driver that makes it work ? you can't even access it. and so on and so forth.
    the cost isn't cheap though, it's a monthly or yearly payment per device.

    9. make you addiction work hard to achieve it's goals.
    i want you to understand one simple thing, and for that let's go to the year 1970.
    now, let's say i want to see P in 1970. what do i need to do ?
    i need to get dressed, take my hat, grab my bag, open my apartment door,
    go down the street, get a cab, drive this cab to some book store, and there i need to wait until the traffic in the store is low, grab a "playboy" magazine , go fast to the store owner, give him the money quickly, leave the store, put the magazine in the bag, your heart beating, and go take a second cab, return to your apartment.
    and than. only than, you can watch P.
    in 1970 there was no porn epidemic.

    lets go back to year 2019: what do you need to do ?
    sit on the chair.
    open the computer.
    type in google.

    that's it.
    in 2019 there is a huge porn epidemic.

    it's funny that this "mighty power" of the strong urges and powerful lust of P, was crumbled so fast because of some busy-work: some walking, some talking, that's it.
    P is not so powerful as you think it is. if you simply put the correct conditions in your room, in your house, in what you can control, you will find that you can make your inner-devil work really really hard in order to convince you to see P.
    you can do so so much.
    i recommend you do this exercise: get a paper and pen, and start writing like a story what do you need in order to see P.
    it goes like this: "i will need 4 walls and a roof, than electricity in my room in order to charge my computer at night, i will need a chair and a desk..."
    write it, the most basic-basic stuff you need, than see what you can eliminate.
    after that, you will see that you CAN watch P, but it requires WORK, and so, your urges will have to work very very hard to convince you to do his bidding.
    and that's where the tables has turned, and you have taken the fight to the enemy, because now the enemy need to take a sweat in order to win, not you.

    10. extension about Apple "screen time" for iphone/ipad/mac
    Apple didn't like porn from the days of steve jobs, her app-store is clean.
    now she have developed this tool called screen time. it allows you to:
    1. block the apps (not including the apps that come with iphone/ipad) you want to block for some time: the minimum is 1 min per 24 hours (every day).
    2. block apps based on their age rating: 4+, 7+, 12+, 17+ ect.
    3. restrict adult sites on ALL web browsers. or make a whitelist of sites.
    4. block all the apps that come with iphone/ipad: safari, imassege, facetime ect.
    5. and much more.
    screen time is protected by a 4 digits password. you will need 10,000 guess to open it, and the waiting time between each guess is increasing.. you could age to have a white hair while guessing.

    11. extension about time-delay-based-filter pluckeye:
    what is pluckeye ? pluckeye, simply put, remove alls the pictures and videos from your browser - you can go to any porn site you want, but you will see 0 pictures and videos there.
    it's hard to bypass, very hard. and if you try to - not only it didn't worked well, you also might screwed your computer ability to connect to the internet or even boot.
    this program is written by a guy who knows how it feels to be attracted to P too, so yeah - he make damn sure this program is tough. to anyone that asks if it can be bypass he has only one answer: "try and see !".
    it's easy to install. easy to make adjusting to, so you can make your own safe space in the internet.
    i use it myself, and let me tell you - it changed my life. i waste a lot less time now on the internet. not just less time on P, but less time on facebook, youtube ect.
    how it prevents you from deleting it ? in pluckeye - you can set "delay time" for this app, like 48 hours, so you need to wait 48 hours, before an web page get approved.
    so you don't need someone to save the password for you - as long as the delay time is not set to 0, you can't uninstall your pluckeye.
    it can be adjusted in smart ways too: someone wrote a python program to search all NSFW subreddits, and add this subreddits to pluckeye "ban list", while the rest of reddit is pic-able. amazing stuff.

    12. need more filters ? check this list out, you might find something you will like:

    13. need a way to keep your filtering app passwords, so they will only be released after a while ? there is a safebox for that online !!!
    look here:
    basically it's simple: let's say you have a password for some filtering app, lets say this password is long like Dxc722Hds82kfhfefkvd51394
    and hard to remember.
    all you need is to keep this password out of your reach right ? but you don't want someone else to hold it - maybe because you feel shame, maybe because you don't have someone to rely on about this.

    so you put this in this lockbox, set a timer for the password to show up, and so - if tommorow you want this password to show up, just request it in the lockbox, and after the delay time from your request is over, you can see the password.
    (note: this won't help with screen time 4 digits password: it's easy to remember by only a short glance)

    (another note: you will need to register into pluckeye account, it's free)

    14. to the really heavy addicted: hide your car keys in a solid safe box that is opened only in a specific time.
    i never went this far, thank god, but some have gone to a P in real life.
    and think about it: how will the guy go there ? the answer in most cases: with his car.
    and if you put your car keys in a safe box that will only be opened tommorow morning ? than they are too lazy to walk there. and problem (in the most part) is solved.

    here is an example, but i saw 2 more examples to safes like this in amazon:

    what's in common with all my advices ?
    they all are hard to remove.

    i see a lot of advices here: "exercise more" "study more" "gain friends" "write a list why you shouldn't see P" and just laugh, they all things that are hard to maintain. yes, maintain. and are generally speaking just not working...
    yeah - did you really thought you could delete this hard-wired desire to watch a naked woman in the snap of your fingers ? you really believe you could "study more" and it will just be gone ? do you believe you could win a hard-wired desire that have won over billions of years of evolution (and/or made by god himself) ? because if you do, you are a damn braggart.

    remove door to remove privacy, thats a change, that you don't need to maintain, it just stays that way.
    removing internet - to get it back you need to make phone calls, wait for the cable guy to show up. and more.
    you got a P-blocker ? now "good luck" removing it - i mean, you always CAN, you could, i don't know, take all your savings and pay a hacker to crack your P-blocker, or you can format your entire device (and lose all data - so you need to back it up, if you even trust the back up mechanic).
    you can try to forget all knowledge about the lifes behind the scene of P actress. but it's hard.
    and so on.

    what i am trying to say is - fight like a bear, a bear is lazy, is heavy, but when he is somewhere- he doesn't leave, he is firmly there. he isn't agile, he moves slowly but moves surely to his target.

    i remembered that i failed so many times and i was mad at myself, than at some point i sat with myself, i mean really really thinking. than i just realized: wait - i am not working, i mean really working, not just whining, to get out of my situation:
    my internet is open like an empty car in a city full of thieves with the keys inside. i got a room all for myself with complete privacy, i don't go to pray on a regular bases (that lowers your chance to see p by 25% !) like i used to, i am not doing any help around the house (i wasn't required to also).
    of course i am not ok !

    please spread the word about the pluckeye, netspark, screen time, lockbox, ect apps, more people need to know this stuff.
    so long and good luck
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  2. Itsmenayana

    Itsmenayana Fapstronaut

    Thanks for your information, it's really true what u said, I will continue NoFap for life long As a goal. Thank u so much
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  3. Gratefulforchange

    Gratefulforchange Fapstronaut

    Good stuff here sir. This is an extreme problem and for many of us ittakes extreme measures to get through. I applaud the theme of your note. We have to be willing to go to any length to stay free. I used to throw my keys under the couch every night because I knew if I left again I would likely go for a massage. When I stop P my mind wants to replace with real life stuff. Have strong structures in place helps take away any "bargaining" I try to do with myself.
    Great stuff!
  4. evenprincehaveproblems

    evenprincehaveproblems Fapstronaut

    thank you for your comments and likes !
    i added 2 advices and did some minor changes. and that's it for now. if you have any question about my advices or the idea behind them i will be glad to answer. just post it here.
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  5. Powerous

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  6. evenprincehaveproblems

    evenprincehaveproblems Fapstronaut

    i added 1 more advice. feel free to comment
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  7. PeaceOnEarth108

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    Thanks a lot!
  8. Your number 3 advice blew me away! You are incredible. I admire the fact that you stayed completely totally clean for 160 day’s. I just want to remind you that if you have a slight slip up in any way like seeing a few seconds of P one time, not to completely lose your cool, but instead to act as if it dint happen and continue

    You’re awesome man. You are something special
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  9. That’s it. I’m taking down the divider that gives me privacy in my room. That way, anyone who walks in the door can see what i am doing
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  10. evenprincehaveproblems

    evenprincehaveproblems Fapstronaut

    that's great. was it effective this far ? i hope so. i remembered when i had an extreme lack of privacy, and that was the best era of my life - no struggle with porn addiction, because there was nowhere to see it. heaven.
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  11. evenprincehaveproblems

    evenprincehaveproblems Fapstronaut

    by the way if you have noticed i put information about a filtering app called "netspark" for android, windows and ios devices.

    if you got any influence over this website moderator and using this app yourself and feel it's important to tell others about this app, please write an post that tell about your experience with this app and convince this website staff to pin it somewhere in some sub-forum. i tried and gave up doing that.

    i really thing it's extremly important to do that. it's not a perfect app - the installing process might get wierd sometimes. but it's really the best (and most expensive) filtering app i know of to date - filters great and really allows you to surf a great deal + hard to remove.

    thanks for all your likes, you guys are great.
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  12. thank you but I am in a bad place again, hopelessly outmatched. I haven't been doing whatever it takes to stay clean.

    The weekdays i am okay. But the weeknd I struggle really bad. The privacy dividers, I had initially put to the side, but when i was tempted, I put them right back up, and I have kept them up. I have fallen really badly. I PMOd 7 times this weekend. 7! I also got poor sleep, and if it wasn't for my parents, I would have not eaten well. I am going to be serious and take down the dividers and put them somewhere inconvenient. Furthermore, I will prioritize reading the Bible, and actually trying not to sin instead of willfully doing it. I need to change what I do on the weekends. On Saturday morning, I will text my mom the very first thing what I will do. I will then put my phone down and get ready to go to campus. Sunday morning I will go to church. If I happen to not be able to go to church, then instead of feeling bad and staying in my apartment, I am not allowed to touch my phone and laptop. Maybe I could do no phone or laptop on the weekends. I need to download netspark, I will go to weekly sunday night Mens group confession. I still haven't gone to 12 step SA. I might start a journal here on nofap. I need to actually try otherwise I am a walking dead man.

    What has pmo taken away from me? I remember I wrote this at the beginning of my 8 months nofap streak. You see: I really wanted to quit. I wanted it so badly?

    "do you want to lose everything? your social skills, confidence, looks, attractiveness, energy, testosterone, hopes,
    respect, basketball and tennis skills, muscles, pride, facial aesthetics, fierce eyes, boldness, sharp thinking and mental acuity, accuracy, the feeling of being special, love, happiness, drive, feeling awesome, having nothing to fear,
    good skin, hopes of growing taller and wider, career hopes, hopes for the girl of your dreams, hopes to become your
    best self, hopes to succeed, skills, stamina, mental health, closeness with God, friendships, relationships,
    self love, peace, your whole life and future, your real true self, everything you dreamed of becoming, everything?
    All for a f****** nut. NEVER RETURN THERE. GET OUT OF THE PIT. STAY OUT AT ALL COSTS. Please God help me. Fight this battle of purity for me. I long to do your will. I will walk by the spirit not the flesh. I made a promise to myself, and I will go to the ends of the earth to stay pure. THERES NO FREAKING WAY IM GOING BACK THERE. I WILL NOT BE A LOSER"
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  13. Indurian

    Indurian Fapstronaut

    Thanks for detailing your experience and also advice. I've got a question about Hot Girls Wanted if you don't mind? Is it worth watching? I'm thinking about it but it's an 18 and Im concerned about its content. Thsnks
  14. evenprincehaveproblems

    evenprincehaveproblems Fapstronaut

    i see you are still at the natural process of one step forward one step backwards. i had this too. the most important thing is not dedicate yourself to things you are not ready for.
    you started by putting the this divider thing in the side, that's great ! now you are trying to convince yourself to do the next step - to put the divider aside and put it in a place that is hard to access. maybe the next step would be to throw it. i don't know. my point is that that's how this things works - you do something, you see it's not enough, than you do a bit more permenent step. and a bit more and a bit more and so on and so forth until you can't go back and you are so happy about that fact.

    don't push yourself too hard if you are not ready, push yourself, slowly but surely to your target.

    the same with netspark - don't download it and throw away the key, first donwload it and have access to his filtering eco-system, get to know it, try to delete it on your own like you don't have the password, get to trust his filtering technic and his non-remove-system technic (trust in your filtering system is important).
    than gradualy give the control of this app to someone else.

    slow and lazy. slow forward and too lazy to go backwards.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2019
  15. evenprincehaveproblems

    evenprincehaveproblems Fapstronaut

    to be honest - if you avoid successfully porn videos, i don't see a reason for you to see it.
    but i guess you don't avoid it - so what's the harm in watching ? what do you have to lose ?

    you won't see porn footage like in porn videos, but it's close to that.
    i wouldn't recommend it to anyone, definitely not. but to an addict or half addict - i will.

    edit: i just saw that you have a 254 days of being clean. so i would advice against it. i don't know - if you got already something that make you clean i don't see a reason for you to watch it.
    if you will relapse. watch it.
    please don't relapse lol
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2019
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  16. Indurian

    Indurian Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the info. I like to watch things which remind me of the downsides of porn but I. This case I'll probably give it a miss
  17. evenprincehaveproblems

    evenprincehaveproblems Fapstronaut

    some solutions are like a medicine for a virus - if you have the bad virus, the medicine works great and attacks the virus. if you don't have the virus - the medicine attacks the body.
    in your case - a 250 day clean guy, you don't have the "virus".
  18. begeiner

    begeiner New Fapstronaut

    Good advice i will keep this in mind.
    Its true that you loose interest after a while when restricted to a form of video or images. I think i am lucky that it was images for me and not more obscene videos. I rarely got into watching videos.
    Good luck to you on your journey !
  19. evenprincehaveproblems

    evenprincehaveproblems Fapstronaut

    i would guess you are a starting user. and haven't been using internet seriously for more than 4 years, even not 2 perhaps.
    your age is somewhere between 14 to 19, again - a guess.

    after some more years, you will change your switch and see videos. there is no luck here mate, it's always starts with the super-hot ladies in the pictures that looks so perfect. i started with images too you know...
    in fact i still prefer images+stories, but videos too can be a real problem.

    what's my point ? my point is stop now, when your addiction is still at phase 1.
  20. begeiner

    begeiner New Fapstronaut

    Yes you are right,i have to stop now before it blows out of control..

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