160 Days How Life Changes

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  1. Firstly to all those who have reached their 60 days mark - Keep going, your best days are yet to come. Even "my' Best days are yet to come. celibacy is the recipe to live a noble life.
    How Life Changes-
    1. Became more social
    2. No fear
    3. Positive attitude automatically
    4. Relationships have improved radically
    5. Have much more time
    6. Good Sleep
    7. Working efficiency has increased
    8. Better concentration,focus
    What I did to reach at this stage? -


    I started with waking up early in the morning and start running. I suffered a lot in all those starting days but believe me it's all worth it.
    Aura of your whole body changes when you practise nofap. And it will take time to change so give it a little time to show you improvement. Don't get disheartened. We all are student of Life. Observe all those changes and be committed to get up every next day to make yourself a better person.

    What's most important igredient?-
    Praying. Light an oil lamp in your room every morning and evening and start praying.
    Start getting connected.
    Exercises , Meditation and Learning to love a life in you.

    What it Takes?-
    Believe me if you are doing the above thing mentioned your journey will take a new height. It's the best time to start this,tell this yourself in the mind.

    There were days when I cried a lot. Because i never wanted to do all those things which I was doing unknowing0ly. My friend taught me all those nonsense but It was my mistake,not his that I got stuck myself in those bad things. it's always "our" mistake.
    Do not blame anyone else in your life. Ever.
    What else?-
    Last but not least, Start living. this is not the life we are supposed to live. start getting connected to the ultimate. You will see how your life changes so fast in so much less time. He is the creator. He knows everything. Take this as an oppurtunity and nail it!
    Edit 1- Benefit 9. Loss of hairfall has stopped.
    10. Weak legs are getting stronger. I can feel it.
    To all those people,who are struggling right now, I beg you to remain on this journey. Please If you need any help, Just inbox me. But do not Give Up. Difference b/w My 60 Days and 90 Days NoFap journey is pretty huge.
    Even Today I'm not perfect, But one thing is very much clear in my mind,that I will not GIVE UP! At any cost!
    I want everyone of you to live your life again,fearless way. Like we used to live in our childhood. These fancy words means nothing If you don't give 100 % of your's everyday. Everyday! I pray to god,everyone of you shall receive his grace.

    "Little Secret" --- Everyday, DO breathing exercise. (pranayam) And then Visualize your ideal self as much in detail as you can.
    SWAMI VIVEKANANDA - "Weakness is the greatest sin in this world,remove it as soon as possible "

    My Life has changed a lot in all these days.
    I want to serve people. those who are struggling right now. Keep struggling. Please do Inbox for any help.

    Watch above youtube video. Everyone. And I request to all of you to share this as much as you can. As It might be able to help some people.
    Opposite of addiction is really connection.
    Take 1 glass of warm water after you wake up. Everyday.
    Your thoughts contribute to your life But it's not solely depend on it.
    Pray Everyday. Hustle. This is the Time.
    My Life has changed a lot. I can't even express it in words.
    Hope you all will make it.
    God Bless.
    Day 135th - Officially Out of the crap and new seeds of life has grown. Thank you to the founder of this amazing platform. Thank you @2525 I gave you my words. And that made me successful. Because I'm the man of my words. May God bless all. :) Happiest Day . :)
    Let the grace work within you. Light an oil lamp in your room everyday.
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  2. Nice streak. Thanks for the insight.
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  3. WOW! Thanks for sharing!
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  4. Vedas_fr

    Vedas_fr Fapstronaut

    Nice to see a follower of Brahmacharya! (vivekananda picture on your profile)

    Question : how do you view your future sex life? are you married?

  5. Your Welcome. :)
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  6. Not married.
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  7. valjeanshamba

    valjeanshamba Fapstronaut

    Good job. Keep on this same track. I tried a lot of times through one year bu i kept failing. Now i didn't pmo from last Monday. I keep looking forward. I don't where this gonna lead me.
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  8. SnakeAndApple

    SnakeAndApple Fapstronaut

    wow, great work sir :)

    I'm sure other people's lives have benefited from the changes you've undergone too!
  9. Make a schedule, a plan of your every day activity. try to wake up early and start running. If you are committed, no one can stop to become better than today. Start Praying, get connected. May God Bless you.
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  10. Thanks for the kind words. I wish every one of us start realising what is the truth.And stop living our life as if we are immortal.
    i'll try to help as any people as i can.
  11. Archangel 77

    Archangel 77 Fapstronaut

    Thanks for sharing! Very positive words of encouragement and I couldn’t agree more! I’m only on day 11 of my reboot, but prayer and meditation are a daily part of my new life. I am constantly seeking to get reconnected with God and others. I’ve been lost for so long. I look forward to the next 79 days and hitting the 90 day goal. After that, 120 and more. :)
  12. I'm sure,you will make it. May god bless you. Help others as much as you can when you get success. Thanks for the kind words.
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  13. Thanks for this bro. The vivekananda picture speaks all. Even i have been greatly inspired by him.
    I am on day 63 and i am giving serious thoughts to celibacy too. How amazing can be my whole life if i stop wandering my life over chasing someone for momentary pleasures.
    And yes, i never believed in Him before but now hanujam hi has certainly eased my path. I was fool before to not trust Him and go by scientific logics but certain things defy logic.
    I meditate. I pray. I read. I do body exercise. I feed birds. And i work on my goals. Guess people fail to understand real meaning of liberty.
    All the best bro. Do let me know if you take celibacy commitment. Have a great future. Thanks for inspiring. Life indeed is beautiful when you are free of sexual debauchery.
  14. Proceed

    Proceed Fapstronaut

    I had read in Ghandi's autobiography The Story of My Experiments With Truth that he had taken the Brahmacharya vow in his late twenties. I had decided to also take the vow, even though I am not a Hindu and I don't know the true meaning of Brahmacharya. From what I could gather it is a vow of purity. I have taken a vow of sobriety and celibacy until basically when I get married. I doubt I will go the rest of my life as Ghandi did, but I will go as long as I feel it necessary. It has certainly helped me to stay away from PMO and drugs and alcohol because of taking this vow. I love the concept of a vow of purity.
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  15. Proceed

    Proceed Fapstronaut

    Fun fact: Ghandi in his younger years also struggled with lust and objectifying women (his wife) until he took the vow. He was married at a very young age (13) and had his first child at 16!
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  16. Proceed

    Proceed Fapstronaut

    After he took the vow he said that him and his wife elevated to a higher plane of love and could understand each other better and also he no longer saw her as a lust object.
  17. I am happy that you are on a right path :). Sure I'll let you know of that. Thank you for the kind words.
    Have a great future u2 :)
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  18. Brahmacharya is about denying all pleasures of life and seek a higher purpose than this body , material life. It means the path of the ultimate.
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  19. gaaroth

    gaaroth Fapstronaut

  20. Thanks.

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