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    Hello everyone this is my first time posting here, I hope you are all doing fine and keeping your streak as high as possible.

    So I have hit my 165th day today, doing Hardmode. This is not my first attempt trying and probably not my last because every day is a battle. I have been watching porn for years since I was 14 years old, I am close to 27 now. A few years ago I have witnessed how my addiction and fetishes became more distinct and started to destroy my life. I thought for years that I have sexual identity problems or simply too submissive. While, in life, I am very organised and strong-willed, with my workouts, work and education, I am susceptible to feel submissive and to give in to all the nasty femdom oriented shit (this affected my relationships as well before). Enough of me. Let's get real here.

    165 days sure sounds like a lot. It is NOTHING. I can tell you that no magic formula is out there and nofap is helpful but not going to solve your issues if you are really addicted. Your will and consistency to establish long-lasting change will. We have one life and wasting it should never be an option. Days are just a number and even if you fail it is another opportunity to stand up and get back at it. The past is determined and yearning to change what already happened is meaningless but seeking to learn from our mistakes is what really divides the ocean and allows for a clear path through it. Often we will feel that we are drowning and weak and want to surrender. Yes, EVERY day is an opportunity to relapse it does not matter if you are one day or one thousand days into this.

    I am doing this to make an impact to change my life and to be more proud when I reflect on my actions. Sure the road is hard and full of bumps and upsets. Welcome them and do not give them more power by developing the fear of failure. There is no victory without failure.

    You will get no superpowers with nofap (at least I did not) what you will get is an opportunity to prove yourself. To become accountable in your life and stand tall when others bow low. To be the last person standing when everyone else of on their knees. You know why? Because you matter. Your life matters and no addiction is worthwhile enough to surrender what is most valuable to you!

    Do not think that the road will be pleasant, never get comfortable and never rest because in those moments when you think it's okay to take a step back you will realise that all your fears are manifesting around you.

    If you do not trust yourself that you can beat depression and addiction, you are probably not putting in enough. Do not be shy to admit to your weaknesses, OWN them and accept them.

    Stay strong everyone! Stay motivated and NEVER surrender!

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