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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by motive_360, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. motive_360

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    I'm 16-year-old male doing No PMO-Hard mode...#Day0
    I need an AP of <20 years of age.
    Male/Female APs both are OK, but I think it's better to have a Male AP as others suggest. Religious or non-religious, both OK.

    Even 2 APs, 1 Male and 1 Female is better if it's allowed(I don't know the rules here, I'm new) Male AP like a like-minded bro struggling for the same reason, and i don't know why but when I discuss things with girls I feel some boost, For Female AP, if any problems arise like, me doing more PMO because of talking with you, we'll stop being APs for good.

    We'll help each other in rebooting and clearing off the brain fog;).
    For more info about my journey before I joined this community check this.

    Thank you!
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  2. NeonHeart

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    Seventeen years old here, male. How would you like yo communicate?
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  3. Hi, I'm seventeen years old (Male) and would be up for being an accountability partner with you as well.
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  4. motive_360

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    Jack SD Welcome to the NoFap community,
    As to inform you, I already got an AP just a day before, yet feel free to message me.
    Be APs of each other @NeonHeart and @Jack SD as both are searching for APs and are of same age too...Good luck
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