17 days and still going.. My Secret Revealed!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by frunkysoul, May 23, 2020.

  1. frunkysoul

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    Hey guys,

    I'm so happy to achieve this milestone, 17 days without PMO is a great achievement so far.

    My advice for those who struggle to get to this level is that you should know the root cause of you relapsing.. sit with yourself and try to analyze all the triggers that lead you to relapse. Then you can just avoid them.

    Here are the proven ones for me:

    - Social Media
    - Chatting with girls
    - Movies
    - Youtube videos
    - Having free times during the day

    Here are the proven solutions for me:

    - Avoid all the triggers (uninstall all the apps from my phone and leave just the browser to read nofap threads)
    - Try to build a routine, always start small
    - Meditate for 15 min everyday
    - Reading books
    - Playing an instrument
    - Learn a language
    - Learn how to dance
    - Workout (Push ups, squats...)
    - Listen to podcasts
    - Avoid going out too much
    - Avoid looking at girls if you go out
    - Wear some bracelet to remind you of why you're doing this
    - Delete all pictures from your phone that may lead you to relapse
    - remind yourself of your small wins

    I'm on day 17 .. I could relapsed in so many occasions but the things above helped me a lot to resist.

    I hope this can help. God bless ya all.
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  2. Thanks! Also, find You Tube a big trigger for P and acting out.
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  3. phwrancesco

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    this section is for 30 days or plus streaks!
  4. Let him post and enjoy his victory so far. This is a struggle, maybe he really felt like telling this info. He may be back after 13 days to share more.
  5. GodTrulySavesMe

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    Lol...Easy bro! Exactly my thought at first. But upon reading the thread and seeing how resourceful it is, I feel like, one or two exceptions to the rule won't kill. Lol
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  6. techmaverick_x

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    Great job brother keep up the good fight.
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  7. phwrancesco

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    yea, but if we have rules i don't see why don't play by them :)

  8. Thanks for the tips!
  9. flor3334

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    It is called "an exception to the rule".:)
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  10. GodTrulySavesMe

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    Lol...You have a point bro!
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  11. TrueSaiyan

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    Thanks buddy. I edged to a movie the other week but I managed to control myself after about 10mn. I watched a horror movie and of course you know there's going to a "Shoot" with the attractive woman in the picture. My relapses are just easy to understand but I'm having some trouble avoiding it.

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