17 days ...... what a miracle :)

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Talalelsayed, Feb 19, 2019.

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    Hey guys.

    Do you see it as i do?

    I am free for 17 days. I am still alive. I am surprised. I am happy. I am the one. I feel i started just an hour ago. How all these days and hours passed??! Do you have an explanation??!

    I would like to tell you why i am surprised. My age is 27, i started PMO since about 11 years. Of course i wasn't making high records of this when i was younger. But believe me, i think i hit some world records lately. I believe i at least M for 6 times daily, when i was tired or had no time. You are free to imagine how i was on weekends. I think i used every single opportunity to go M. My thing was pushing semen more than urine. I believed M was my way of expressing joy or sadness. Somedays i may see a girl i don't know in a cafe and i get directly in the bathroom to fantasize and M. This takes me not more than 5 min. To say the truth my thing nearly never let me down. It was always ready.

    But what changed is that i filled that my thing is in charge not me. I stopped to have joy after the process although i developped my techniques. Triggers were not enough to set me to the fire mood.
    Beside this i had very miserable social problems of oogling and objectifying. For me the ladies meant nothing but a ******. Once i see one of them, no matter she is beautiful or not, i realize she will be the guest of my imagination. Another problem was tending to stay alone. I may invite friends to spend time together and then shortly feel i would like them to go to open my laptop.

    I felt some sort afraid of how will i be in real situations, but actually i am still virgin and willing to marry after 8 months "i hope fair enough to cure any undiscovered problem"

    Now do you see my record, 17 days passed. I thought i will never continue 10 hours. that is what i was used to.

    For my experience in these days i would like first to thank all of you here, really encouraging with positve pushes or even describing problems that we should avoid.
    Second in my past days i had only 2 hard days, the rest i was busy enough to think about anything.
    Spirtual power makes a lot. I believe God gives us the strenght to bear.

    I was willing to write a post like this every two weeks, but i was surprised that time passed easier than i imagined.
    Wait for me at day 30.

    See you, bye bye.
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    I would like you to know that we are in the same road, even we have some gap in our day counter.
    congratulations for your 17th, tomorrow is my 14th day of no PMO.
    did the same things like you before, fap for 6 times a day while binge watching porn. I did 32 days streak last year but failed and relapsed for six months :(

    Now i am trying not to fail again.
    Let's face this struggle together!
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  4. Brother, I'm happy to see that you have just proven yourself that with time and effort we can change habits, that these are malleable. Have strong belief, and in the end your succes will speak for itself.

    Peace be with you! Win!
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  5. Talalelsayed

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    You are strong man and you can do it
  6. Talalelsayed

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    Thanks for your words, wish succes for all of us

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