17 year old guy looking to get in shape and play some videogames

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Deth, Nov 27, 2017.

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    Hey there!
    I'm 17, joined NoFap something like 2 weeks ago. I'm 13 days P free and 2 days M free right now. I was originally trying to be completely PM free, but I figured M was healthy without P, so I got into that for a while. However, it fell into a daily habit, and I realized I was slowly being dragged back towards P again. So now, I'm resetting my timer, and it's been 2 days since that relapse.
    I'm looking for an accountability partner who'd be up for talking about exercise together, possibly even develop a workout schedule that we can follow. I'm not a huge fan of weights, I just like exercising regularly enough that I feel good about myself. It's usually daily, but again, it's never anything too heavy.
    I also like playing games. I feel like it'd be a nice bonding point and I could form a better friendship with someone who'd hop on for a few matches with me once in a while. I play a lot of Overwatch, and I also play a bunch of little (local) multiplayer games like Ultimate Chicken Horse and Rivals of Aether.
    I'd be totally up to become friends with someone who only fulfilled one of these qualities, but ideally I'll find someone around my age who has similar interests in me! :)
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  2. I will be your AP, I just relapsed today and I need someone to lean on... I am Mormon as well
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    Hey dude. I've recently just turned 18, been doing nofap since mid last year. Had gone 7 months without porn until late last month when I relapsed. I was going well, but had been out for dinner a lot around the same time and It brought back sugar and carb cravings and I went off my diet a little, which led to my relapse, but back on to it. I hope this time I can quit for good, I feel like I've healed myself quite a bit anyway. Its just about controlling the other addictions in life. As any sort of addiction you have will create cravings for other addictions. I've been trying hard to quit dairy as I believe thats one of my major food addictions, went 14 days without it, but was over at someones house and they made desert and I didn't want to be rude. I work out also, mainly sprints and deadliftinging and squats. Also play a few video games when Im in the mood. Always like to keep fit and healthy, eat well most of the time.
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    Hey Deth,

    I'm 17 and on the path to recovery, I too love playing video games and am looking to start exercising. I am always up for playing a good game or two when I'm in the mood. Would love to AP with you cuz it sounds like we have quite similar interests.

    DM me if you're interested.

  5. Hey guys, I'm also looking for an AP and I'm 18. Since there are a few people on here looking for AP's, would you like to create a group of some sort on KIK? so we can motivate each other on regular intervals?
  6. Legendjerry

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    TimeToChange that might actually not be a bad idea.
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  7. Does everyone want to drop their KIK usernames below? And we can share our day to day experiences with eachother and prevent relapses.
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    Legendjerry22 is mine
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