17 year old male looking for an accountability partner (my age) OR group

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by |Logan, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. |Logan

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    Hey everyone, I'm Logan, a 17 year old from New Zealand who joined NoFap around 6 months ago. While my PMO problem over these past 6 months has significantly improved compared to before I joined NoFap, I still struggle to maintain a long streak and despite having some somewhat long streaks, I'm constantly falling into ruts where I'll relapse every couple of days. I hope that finding a suitable accountability partner or group will help me out (likewise for you), as going through this shit alone ain't easy.

    I'm looking for an accountability partner who is around my age (ideally no younger than 16 and no older than 19), genders and sexualities do not matter to me, I'm open to quite literally anyone (excluding the age thing).
    I am also keen to join any accountability groups, so if anyone wants to invite me to their group, please do!

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  2. lwyrup

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    logan as in Thomas "wolverine" logan?!!

    Nah just kidding. a cool name you've got there.

    I find engaging in activities very helpful. if you've got free time to kill, we could start up new activities and compare our progress. what do you say?
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  3. |Logan

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    Yoo, yeah I'd be down to compare our progress, get a lil competitiveness out of this wouldn't hurt.
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  4. lwyrup

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    I'm about a week into learnin python prog. language. it's crazy as hell. I could tell you where to start if you want.
  5. kingkhan21

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    If you guys want to make a group on telegram or whatsapp I’m in!
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  6. |Logan

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    Sweet! I might make one later today, if I do I'll let you know

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