17 year old male. Need female AP. If anyone interested.

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by chirag07, Sep 3, 2020.

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    Hello friends, I am chirag and I am 17 years old male. I am addicted to porn for 2 years. I am doing masturbation almost daily from the last 2 months and I am too addicted to that. Due to watching porn and doing masturbation daily I kinda lost self-control. Due to high dopamine through porn, now I am not enjoying essential things that I have to do like reading, studying, self-development things, and lot more. I lost motivation to do such things. I plan my day to do important things but I end up doing nothing, I just do timepass whole day. I feel like I am lost and now want my life to be on track again.

    If you are reading this I guess you are wondering why I want female AP. I am a stammerer boy. I guess you know what stammering is and if you don't then just google it. I when I was 6 years old, I don't know something happened to me, and then I wasn't able to speak for one month or something. then slowly I started speaking but I was stammering too much like gaps were intense. then by time it is healing slowly but not completely. It is still biggest problem in my life. Due to this I be quiet most of the time. In school, if the teacher asks me something, then even if I know still I say I don't know and I don't answer that. I have friends but not a lot. I am in college now from 2 years but still, only some friends know about my stammering and not a single teacher knows it. I can't speak with girls. I don't have any female friends. I just want to feel how it feels like to talk with girl. I am quite good at studies because I didn't had friends so, I was used to be at home all day. I cry almost 1-2 times a week because something happens at college or if i go to store for buy something or when I go to event or function, I stammer and It is the worst feeling i ever felt or will feel. It just pieces me off and I am trying really hard to cure this. I know if i can deal with this problem then no problem will be bigger for me then this and I will do cure this anyway.
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    I don't think getting a female AP could help you with your stammering/stuttering and I highly doubt any female members would be down with that but you could always try but don't keep your hopes up. I use to stutter all the time when talking to teachers or new people but because I forced myself to presentate and through persistence I was able to overcome this problem. Talking to people about whatever topic it may be surely will help you out. Good luck.
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    Yeh nofap h bro
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