17 yr old male seeking AP

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by SkyAmBad, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. SkyAmBad

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    (TL;DR at bottom of post )

    Hi! I just found out about the NoFap program earlier today and have been looking for a way to break my addiction to pornography for a LONG time. I've tried so many times to break this addiction that has become so routine... The one thing I've always wanted was someone who could help me stay accountable for my actions, someone who understands what I'm going through. I've tried friends from church or family members but they simply don't understand... That being said, I do have a few preferences:

    -Someone close in age (16-21).
    -Preferably female (its easier to open up about things with women, dudes aren't emotionally oriented and I've just always talked better with women) but male is perfectly fine too!
    -I'm LDS, aka Mormon, I don't ask for a religious partner or anything, I just hope you can be understanding of this fact.
    -I mostly talk in Snapchat, Messenger or just plain texting.
    -uhhh please don't judge if I ever just stop responding for periods of time since I am prone to losing my train of thought or just not knowing what to say...

    (TL;DR: no be mad, I'm socially awkward. Pls respect me as I will respect u right back!)
    (P.S. I wouldn't be against making a group if we get enough people responding and on board!)
  2. deeroo

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    Hello. I am nearly 16 yo. If you want to talk with me, pm me.
  3. Committed_Reboot

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    18 YO Male from the UK, feel free to PM me!
  4. calvin007

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    Hey! I'm 16, also looking for an AP. Feel free to PM me!
  5. Lafouan

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    18 yo m searching for an ap.

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