18 y.o M, looking for serious AP. No gender preference

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Txqjacki, Dec 1, 2017.

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    Hey! So I'm on day 3 now, and I thought it would be cool to have an AP to share things with. I'm looking for someone who will be available to check in every day, and that will share experiences/feelings etc.

    I've done NoFap once before, a long time ago. Lasted 3 days and gave up, but this time I am 100% sure I will succeed.

    My interests: Programming, Gaming, Game Development, Cars, Motorcycles, Video creation, PC hardware, PC building, Biology.

    > No gender preference
    > That you are in CET (Central European Timezone), (or close to it)
    > 18-30 years old preferably
    > That you share a few interests with me and will be available to check in every day and share experiences etc.
    > That you are somewhat fluent in the English language :D

    Wish everyone a quick and successful recovery :)
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