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  2. Daily check-in, on day 10.
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  4. Daily check-in, on day 11.
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    check in day 7
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  7. Daily check-in, on day 12.
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  9. 156/180...

    Can't really recall what I dreamed last night... it was something in the gray zone I think... I dreamed within a dream, like Inception... and in the dream within the dream I had a nocturnal emission... so when I woke up from that dream (e.g. woke up one level, still dreaming), I realised I had had a nocturnal emission and had to reset the counter in this challenge...

    Now when I was going to update this counter I realised that I had been dreaming this. After careful inspection I can safely say nothing has happened in the real world :D and I can't recall any influence of porn from the dream within the dream. So how funny as it may sound, I don't think I have broken any rules.
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  10. Daily check-in, on day 13.
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  11. Daily check-in, on day 14. :emoji_muscle:
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    15/180 Very few thoughts. No dreams at all!
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    Haha ... very strange, as are the dreams ... PM seeks to find us anyway! Good thing you have that willpower, still asleep!
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  14. Monk mode was always activated!

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