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    Once more, as the title implies, I have finally made it to 180 Days of No PMO.

    Although my time to write is short, I still wanted to attempt to parse out a few things regarding this journey.

    For more context, I link both my Journal & my 90 Day Success Story.

    As I had stated in my last bit of success, my desire to commit to another 90 days largely had to do with the following idea: the first 90 days was trying to gain a sense of normalcy right after the initial fall; the second 90 days would be an abstaining that begins on cleaner ground. Put another way, the first 90 days did not feel like a true 90 days due to the heavy PMO memories that haunted the first portion of the journey. I wanted a truer 90 days of being clean--and hopefully, being clean from the start.

    Maybe it is akin to restarting a computer? The first part entails the actual restart; the second part involves using the updated systems &c.? The analogy is imperfect.

    As for this journey: I did notice that the start was both cleaner & easier. To be sure, in the early 90s I had some heavy difficulties (such that I could not believe it! I thought to myself, "Is this really what a post-90 days looks like? Some of this looks similar to the start."). If I had to guess, this might further reinforce my goal of another 90 days. Perhaps my initial 90 days was more akin to 60 days?

    Regardless, I also had some trouble near the Day 130 mark (as indicated by some of my statuses & journal entries). This difficulty mirrored the usual timeframe of difficulty that the first round experienced. Usually, after the initial success period is secured, Days 30-40 are the next waves of urges. This was true for the same timeframe for the second journey: I had some difficulties around that same 30-40 day mark after Day 90 (so, days 120-130).

    After that point, however, things became far easier than I had imagined. PMO/fetish urges were more like back-of-the-mind suggestions than anything else. There is still a pull--& if I acted on it, I am sure (from experience) that I would fall back into some addiction problems & feelings--but it is controllable & fading.

    I remember a time like this in my past--but I eventually acted out on my desires despite everything.

    To add a point (because someone asked last time): I think there was only 1 wet dream this time around, whereas the first round had a lot (which surprised me).

    To add another point: this second 90 day period was likely assisted by a reduction in life stressors. I got a new job sometime during this timeframe. It helped a lot. If you have life stressors, I advise looking in ways to reduce them. Perhaps you have an obvious fix (like me), & a new job will aid greatly?

    I am sure that there is more that I could post (& I might in a later edit), but my time is short, so I ought to conclude this for now.

    My next goal is a year's timeframe. This would be the next streak that I need to "regain" in climbing back up the ladder of success.

    I hope that this next round only continues to bring forth results.

    If you have questions or any such thing, feel free to ask.

    Thank you all,
    God bless,
    A Modern Miroku
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    what benefits did you experience?
  3. jun007

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    Congrats! Sailing towards my first 180day streak too, this is encouraging.
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  4. AModernMiroku

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    @cresyhorse : It would be difficult to narrow in on benefits. I say this because there are so many variables at play (new job; new opportunities; past successes in NoFap; a general drifting away from depression that likely had a multiplicity of causes; &c.). More than a few would overstate their "super-powers"; I do not wish to do this.

    To reiterate my own context: This journey has really been about an 8 year process, give or take. Throughout, there has been varied degrees of success & failure. Suffice to say, many benefits have already been accrued throughout this timeframe. Indeed, many of these benefits are probably habits that I take for granted.

    As to make the attempt to answer the question more specifically: there have been benefits that have either returned or strengthened.

    For example, I reference the fact that temptations to old ways have been faint. This is true. There are items that I used to obsess over (fetish, certain sexual tastes, &c.) that do not effect me in the same manner (even as compared to my Days 1-90). Temptations will come & go. As I have said elsewhere (to use an analogy): these temptations are like small objects in a room or perhaps like a stranger in a big city. I might see them & encounter them, but the moment & influence is minimal & mostly exterior. It is hardly like how it was before (feelings of compulsion; emotional responses at the very least; intense desires).

    Of course, I have been here before, & I intend to maintain caution. I admit that I am not invincible, & I still get tempted to old ways. As I also said in my last success story (when someone asked why I would return to PMO &c. after a long streak): an addict can return to an addiction after a long period of sobriety with only one taste of the drug.

    As it stands, though, I am not obsessed with the PMO/fetish.

    For now, that is the main benefit that seems distinctly related to a complete abstinence from PMO activities, licit & illicit alike. The mind seems clearer & cleaner--& I hope to keep it on that path.

    I hope this helps to answer your question in some way. I realize that it was a lot to say only a little.

    God bless,
    A Modern Miroku
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    Well done Miroku, this is a fantastic achievement. Your mindset is proper, one must always remain vigilant, the disinterest of former PMO habit is great, but vigilance must remain.
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  6. I like that you mention variables at play.
    Lots of the “ superpowers” you read about might come from something else than being porn free. Perhaps they can even be imagined, it is always important to be skeptical.
    For example I started nofap and started doing exercising at the same time. If I feel any benefits they might as well come from exercising and not from nofap.

    I think it is very important in peoples success stories that they talk about this so people in their nofap journey don’t blindly believe they will become superman.

    well done, onwards and upwards!
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  7. AModernMiroku

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    @Redemptionisrequired : Thank you. And the mindset came at the cost of many other streaks. I have been less vigilant in the past. I hope to have learned at least one lesson from those mistakes. I hope you carry on in your own streak, too. (P.S. Aragorn is brilliant.)

    @Cirilla : Always a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for your words! I pray to God to savour those secret joys known only to the silent & pure hearts. Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God.

    @mummra : I am glad that you enjoy my discretion in words. Many lack it here & abroad! That said, I do believe in placebo effects...and if a placebo effect will aid in the end of a vicious PMO cycle, so be it!
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  8. iamShinra

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    Can you tell me how did you linked the link of your journal and your 90 Days success story to this words? I'm a newbie who don't how to fully use this website:p
  9. AModernMiroku

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    @Shinra Koli : Yes, I will try to do so.

    The reply box in which you type has a toolbar above it. Some more familiar & recognizable features of it include the usual sort of things found in word processors: BOLD, italics, & underline. Of course, the toolbar is more expansive than that, & one can see the other options by hovering the curser/arrow over the related tools.

    So you go on & have text color, text size, & font. To the right of font is the tool that allows adding links. It appropriately appears like linked chains.

    Of course, you could simply copy & paste a link into the box. I prefer to save time & description by simply linking words to the place I wish others to go. And so, one would highlight the written words with your curser/arrow (in my case, the Journal or Success Story), click the Link Tool Button, paste the appropriate link into the prompting, & hit the insert button to complete it all.

    I hope this makes sense. The best way to figure these things out is to experiment with them. In short, play around with the toolbar, & you should find out what is what over time.
  10. iamShinra

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    Thanks man
  11. Fahim_1002

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    Congrats. Are you get triggered anymore?
  12. AModernMiroku

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    @Fahim_1002 : "Triggered" is too vague for me. Can you be more specific?

    If I had to guess what was meant by triggered, I would assume that you mean something like, "Do certain events/references/images/memories bring forth near instant arousal/urges/&c. ?"

    It is hard to give a definitive answer on this matter. Temptations in the form of triggers are what they are (that is, they are effective at leading to acting out, certain thoughts, &c....which is why they are called triggers), & I make it a point to avoid them. This said, there are some that appear without looking for them, & I appear to have withstood them way better than usual.

    For example: Attractive individuals in general or even at sporting places (gyms, parks, &c.) have had less impact upon me. That is about as good as I can say. They still remain attractive; I simply have more control & less reaction. Sometimes I am even unfazed.

    Some other thoughts (perhaps fetish related, or something similar) might feel a tad stronger at certain times, & I might even be able to see that I would enjoy certain aspects of it (pleasure, &c.); however, the natural healing has made these thoughts far less compelling. The trigger is, in some ways, only partial. It is still there, but it is markedly different. Arguably, I have grown stronger, & it has grown weaker.

    In short, triggers still exist; they must be avoided. Triggers, by their nature, are appealing & can be traps to anyone. That said, they appear weaker, & I appear stronger...but triggers are also unexpected & sneaky, so one must always be prepared!
  13. Fahim_1002

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    I meant, when you accidently see something wrong , is this give you a strong urges? or is this make curious to see more ?Basically it is happening with me. Normally I can manage. My best streak was about 50 days and second highest was about 30 days for two time. But some how suddenly my mind got triggered by seeing something or remembering something from past.
    This makes me relapsed. So, I am wondering how much time need to control trigger or trigger don't work strongly like before.
    Are now triggers affect you like before?
  14. AModernMiroku

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    @Fahim_1002 : I will attempt to answer your questions.

    As for how much time is needed for this kind of control: this will vary according to each individual (how long one has been addicted, personal temperament, when the addiction started, &c.). Purportedly, 90 Days has a lot of science behind it for healing (thus it is the number chosen for this site & many others).

    As for whether or not triggers effect me like they once had: they do not. I have greater control. This said, the triggers are not entirely dead yet. Some are probably gone. Some are sleeping & waiting to be re-awakened. Some are still around but weaker than before.

    I hope that helps.
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  15. TheDynamicJ

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    Congrats on reaching 180 days. Give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work and reward yourself with something you like (not porn haha).
    I have just started. I am at 24 hours. I look forward to the results!
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  16. Fahim_1002

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    Okay.. Thanks for the information.
  17. Isobar

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    Hey buddy, it's really inspiring story. Keep posting.

    Congratulations and best of luck for your 1 year journey.
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