1. hereiam18

    hereiam18 New Fapstronaut

    Hi I'm new here
    I just want to know what will happen to the semen if i don't masturbate.
    I'm making this an excuse to keep masturbating for just one time a week and to not wake up in the morning with some semen down.
    So if the body absorbs the sperms and it won't make me have wet dreams, it may encourage me more to stop masturbating at all.
  2. Semen is not sperm. It gets reabsorbed. Semen actually is formed from the juices around the body by sexual thoughts. Its very formation does not happen in the perfect celibate.

    Wet dreams too are the cause of sexual thoughts/fantasizing because it puts your nervous system in a state of shock or if you have full on perveted dreams you actually stimulate the lower organs. There is no difference betweem sense perception, imagination and dreams to the brain.

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