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    I'll head straight to the crucial points :
    1. Things that Helped me stay up all the way here without pmo :
    • -Being very busy
    • -Having something you really care about Achieving (studying for example)
    • -passions hobbies (guitar-exercising-reading books)
    These two are the best that worked for me :
    • ==Relating Fear with you Goals :(on the topic of studying) : you say to yourself that if you PMO you will get lazy-->not confident to socialise with your mates or be funny---> Unable to study or succeed this year at school ->> unable to make eye contact --->Unable to speak to girls etc --> concentrate
    • ==(the time you spend on your pc/tab etc) : when spending alot of time on the net especially in the weekend , i feel like after 2/3 hours on the net my mind starts Pinging with lustful thoughts , i'm still in control but the tendency to watch ''Stuff'' rises , i try to stay away from my PC (maybe even a Glimpse advertising with bikinis and shit influence your subconscious in an indirect way that by the time you think that your gonna be fine but your Not i assure you , ) Sometiems i use my computer for a long period of times and nothing really pops up , be aware of what is getting into your head , maybe your reading an article about fishing and below the article there are playboy advertisment or somthing .
    Benefits that i'v Experienced over these months :
    • Being able to really Do stuff /challenges without getting bored ( i was practising guitar for 3 horus over these last 4/5 months everyday and i never missed a day )
    • I Am Very Very Aware of my Emotional state (every second) even if something bad happens , i never go down into a state of depression , i am able to Hold at least a Normal/calm State of being .
    • Less anxiety , more creativity , More Focus , eye contact , being Funny .
    • In any social situation i'm able to make the person who i'm with , happy and having a good time , really gratful for my presence around them/him/her
    • being able to find the Words and construct a decent logical sentence (LoL) , i mean you find the right words at the right moment when you want them to come out haha .
    • Ability to connect with others and with yourself on a higher state of Consciousness , (ability to think outside the box and understand things better/faster)
    • (Social calibration)feeling how Others are feeling around you (awareness of how your influencing others /positively/negatively )
    • Ability to Take Risks and Keep up with social pressure/phisical pressure
    I can't say that your gonna become superman but i think it's much better than being that lazy/annoying/socially uncalibrated / anxious/nervous 24/7 Guy .

    I think it really depends on how your Using your time , keep track of your time , i'd say every minute , life passe's fast so don't waste it on crap , it's been a while since i logged in here (3 months or more i guess ) so yeah that's about it i guess , (sorry for bad english or faults) peace .
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    good report and advise!!
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    Loved it! Thank you for sharing!
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    Thanks for inspiring me even more!
  5. Thanks, what I take away from this:

    - We should try and remain very busy.
    - Get away from the computer if any urges occur.

    These both seem to be attributes of successful NoFappers
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    Thanks for advices
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    Wow. Awesome advice! Thanks a lot!
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    Thank you, things like this motivate me...Thank you
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    I really could use some motivation, please help!
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    Holly cow! How can you stop the P urges on those really bad days or bad week when all is not working in your favour? How do you deal with the urges and mantain that long term streak? Please tell me, I failed so so many times like doing 1 month and reset and again and again.
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    Wow thanks for the inspiration, this new life is incredibly, the reason everybody keeps saying a super human power is because the transformation is so powerful it feels like your super human, thanks for outstanding job and your words of encouragement!!!

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