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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Xrxz24, Aug 19, 2019.

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    Wasup guys. I just created this account cause i got a fuckin problem as everyone else. Im 18 and started pmo when i was 9, which is fucked up and painful. I tried nofap since like 2-3 years and i have to quit forever rn cause i cant live like that anymore. I realise that just going a certain time is not enough and not even helpful.i managed to go 58 days on my first real noPMO streak and relapsed around a week ago.Now im back at fuckin 0, my dick dont get 100% hard anymore, i have no energy and i am numb af, not even depressed at all just fucking numb. I will quit right now and forever literally, if not im a lying bitch.
    Would love an AP especially in the first few days, who really wants to quit forever.
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    Hey I would love to be your AP if you're still looking for me. Although it's my first day on this journey I can't wait to kick my horny ass. Hit me up if it sounds cool and we can work things out

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