19 year old male want to get rid of premature ejaculation.

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    Some time ago i posted a thread that i was addicted to porn and had porn induced erectile disfunction. The reason i wanted to get free of porn and my ed was because i wanted to please my girl more. i quit porn and that helped with my ed, but i just can't get my self to last longer. Like i could literally go off in a min if i wanted to but i control myself really hard, it sucks because i want to go faster but can't cause ill cum to quickly. Any advice? if i do a reboot will that help? I just want to last longer and enjoy sex more not just 5 min or less!
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    Hi. Very late anwer, i know. I suffered from the same problem. And for some extend i still do. But i am also able to last for about an hour in bed. The trick is simple:
    Embrace cumming fast in the first round. Because even working on lasting longer there will cause you to be focused and controlled all the time and therefore not being able to really enjoy and let go.
    And then simply go for a second round after a couple of minutes. In your age it should be quite easy. I am 28 and i can go for the second round after between 20 minutes to an hour.

    Regular workout and the right supplements like L-Arginine for improving Blood flow help shorten the break you need.
    In the second round i can last about as long as i want and can do whatever i want most of the time.

    Otherwise try masturbating half an hour before sex.

    Best regards.

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