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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Tera, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Tera

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    Hello, i am Tera. I'm a 19 year old dude. I've just returned to this website after i realized i should have not have left it in the first place 2 years ago. The urges have been gnawing at me recently. I am looking for a friendly accountability partner. No need to be entitled to anything but to be a good friend to me, and similarly i will be a good friend to you. I am looking forward to doing a 90 day hardmode. I would prefer it if you were around my age, younger or older by 2 or 3 years at most, still wouldn't mind if you were not. I would appreciate it if you were into reading books or novels, memes, playing video games, watching movies or playing sports. my main social platform is discord or skype (can we dm here btw? i forgot how to use this website). And i might share some of my other social medias after we become more mutual with each other. i will leave our regular meeting schedule up to you, but like how i mentioned earlier, i would prefer us to be more like friends rather than merely partners, otherwise i still would not mind us being merely accountability partners. tell me about yourself and if you are interested and i will reply accordingly. cheers!
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  2. Youb

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    just come here but i have been looking for a friend for a while now . i use discord , send a dm
    Ayoub | #8150 if you are interested (same age btw ).
  3. Rebootwarrior24

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    I have been looking for the same kind of AP please dm if interested

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