1st 30 days!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by IntegralSoul, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. IntegralSoul

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    Hi all

    I started my first reboot from PMO a month ago. Finding out about nofap and my accountability group has been a God-send. I was a regular porn user for 25 years.

    My benefits so far: 1) A reduction in anxiety, which I suffered daily for months, 2) Greater focus on mental tasks, 3) Less irritation over small things, annoying people, etc. Day 3⃣0⃣ today . Being in this group has been key. PMO is a lonely habit, but the reboot process requires lots of helpers. Thank you all for walking this path with me. ‍♂‍♀‍♂

    In the 'give back' spirit of reciprocity, I hope that I can help at least one other person trying to move on to a better life without PMO. I will find every opportunity in my accountability group and elsewhere to encourage people and tell my story.

  2. Kakarot_2694

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    Congrats man...happy for you...but don't start wondering what to do after you hit 30... don't get that notion that the 'challenge' is done and that you can reward yourself...I had done so after my first 30 and it was a mistake...view it as a lifestyle change ... that this is how it's going to be for the rest of your life...you thanked us all for walking this path with you...but this path's still a long ass way from home...keep grinding...keep walking
  3. dethly

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    Yes brother! You make us all proud :D Congrats on the 30!! Savor the moment and take note of how good you feel! Use it to fuel you even farther!
  4. Congratz! Where can i find this group?
  5. StoneyTrevor

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    Day 30 is one of the biggest steps you can achieve!

    Keep it going man we’re here for you
  6. Congrats pal . Dont stop .keep walking strong!
  7. Congratulations. You’re doing great.
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  8. recovery_isaac

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    Great job! Keep fighting. You're a warrior.
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  9. 1john4:4

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    Congrats man, well done!
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