2 guys (successful nofappers for 2 & 5 years) building a group of gamers

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    A friend of mine and me are building a group of guys with whom we can regularly play some video games together, have some fun but also keep each other accountable and support each other when things (inevitably) get tough.

    We have been free from porn 2 and 5 years respectively and been through all the ups and downs ourselves.

    Over the years we have talked with and helped A LOT of guys and you would not believe how many guys have told me that despite their honest efforts “actually, porn is the only thing that I am looking forward to all day”. And we know what this is like.

    That’s why we want to create this environment with a group of guys who not only share our passion for gaming but also want to support each other in building the life you can be proud of.

    Regularly and reliably hanging with a group of men who share the same goal and direction in life with you.

    A supportive and invigorating environment that you can look forward to way more than porn.

    Because we know that the journey that you are on can be very tough sometimes and every now and then we all have been in a place where we thought nothing will ever work for good and that we are a lost cause.

    Especially in these moments, knowing that there is a group of guys that cares about you and your progress as much as you care about them and that has your back when you are down can be truly life changing in my experience.

    The gaming in and of itself is not just for goofing around even though that’s a big part of it of course.

    It’s also about working on some projects together whether that’s within the game (maybe building and organizing a strong guild within an MMORPG) or outside of the game (like becoming a somewhat competitive team in a certain game or building a YouTube-Channel together) has yet to be decided.

    And of course the keeping each other accountable part as well.

    Who do we want for this project:

    • That’s also why it’s important that you have a positive/growth mindset and are not a downer/energy-drainer and like to work in an organized team
    • American and european time zones preferred (or capable to come together at these times)

    • If you are from Australia for example it’s cool if you want to build your own group and we will support you there as well

    • Meeting at least 1x/week to game together/chat and hang out in Discord

    • Willing to talk via Discord and not just write

    • Part of the PC Master Race

    • For now ~5 guys can join - but we will certainly expand this in the future as it’s about building a strong community here
    If you want to join a group of guys who keep each other accountable and care about each other and at the same time have fun together then write me a pm here

    • Name

    • Age

    • Where you live

    • What you have tried to break free from porn so far

    • Why you want to break free from porn

    • What keeps you from breaking free
    Best wishes and wishing you lots of strength,

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