2 problems, help me guyz

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by jk243, Jul 18, 2018.

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    Well those days has been complicated, just give me your answer.
    First: I once created a pornhub account but forget about the username and code. I needed To delete it but I can't. I Feel like i still have a tie with pornhub. Is it a Big issue?
    Second: well; that's the weirdest one. I once watched a porn movie, well; shit. He was how I can say: pussyface. I think it was photoshopped or somethin ( i dont really think someone can have pussy in his face or changé it like this, for real), but it was a face being fucked. A pussy in the face. I didn't Watch it. I just read the comments. And how I can get it outta m'y head?

    Well; that my 2 problems. Also I did 5 days without porn.
    I want to apologize if I was behaving like a loser these days. But Help me.
  2. SharingTheLoadHelps

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    Leave the pornhub issue alone for awhile. As far as the recurrent thoughts they will eventually go away as you progress with nofap. However it may take some time. Look for positive distractions like just going outside and enjoy nature, read jokes, sing your favorite songs out loud...Your brain will produce a chemical that will help you with healing. Patience, you are in the right path.

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