2 weeks clean. Thoughts that life is crap anyway. Might as well relapse?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, Feb 15, 2020.

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    Please see the links in a thread in my profile.
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    Hang in there, man. Ignore any weird advice you get, as well intended as it may be. You know this is just low period. They are always temporary. Don't give in to negativity.
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    Are you referring to "weird advice" like I mentioned as far as taking an SSRI? The guy is seriously depressed. He has a dual-diagnosis. Hes an alcoholic and PMO addict and most likely suffers from serious anxiety along with his depression an needs an SSRI for a period of time and dose recommended by a professional psychiatrist. How am I sure or this? The guy constantly makes posts repeating himself looking for different advice. That's the sign of an addict that's in real deep. So again drew - I advise you to see a psychiatrist immediately bro. You do need help. It's ok to get it.
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    @Overforme , you are absolutely correct that the guy needs to see a professional. I have also noted his refusal to take advice, and his repeated questions as though he only wants a quick-and-easy solution.

    But perhaps don't make medical diagnoses on an internet forum? (Where I live, it's illegal for a non-medical professional to make a diagnosis.)
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    Lol it's backed by science. Nofap has no science behind it yet for some reason that's considered acceptable.
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    You have clearly missed all of the documentation. There's plenty of it. Here's one reference to a scientific paper that includes porn addiction as part of its study. I'll leave it to you to find the rest.
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    I have actually seen that thread already. It says it applies to substance addiction so I wouldn't use that as a citation. That kind of addiction is curable as well but would require a different method of treatment with drugs like bulprenophine.
  8. I just read this study at source and I could not find anything about pornography addiction.
    Please point where that is mentioned or where data about that is presented.

    This study looks at how gray matter changes for people using cocaine
    The fact that gray matter volume changes does not meany anything particular,

    Allot of assumptions....
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    I do not follow his every post. I am going by this thread alone, so you'll understand why I was unaware of his frequent postings and, in your opinion, his ignoring of advice.
    Ignoring of advice sucks, it really does. But it does not immediately mean anyone is "in real deep," whatever that means.
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    Hmm, according to the link, it did. Oh well, I'm wrong on this one, sorry.
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    Totally agree with Ogikubo. And SSRIs are just an expedient and short term solution that do nothing to solve the problem long term and who lead to a plethora of long term consequences not to mention a new addiction on the SSRI itself.. Do you not understand how horrible this advice is to give? I've been offered SSRIs twice in my life by two different doctors. both times I said: "No i'll solve my problems on my own without the use of drugs". I toughed it out and now I am living MY BEST LIFE and it's only getting slowly better as I do more and more to help myself. What would I be doing if I took those drugs? Hell I might still even have my PMO addiction! Taking a pill doesn't cure you of wanting PMO and it sure as hell doesn't solve the underlying problem of how you got in that position to begin with. I'm so glad I went with my gut and turned those bozos down. The idea of solving every damn problem with some sort of drug is messed up and pervasive in our society; It doesn't work. That being said sure maybe a very very small amount of cases have an actual deficiency that can't be rectified in a normal manner and so sure give them a pill for a while, but you're giving this advice to a person on a forum you've never met.. You're sending them down a whole new rabbit hole of addiction and dependency when they're still in the first one they got themselves into. After 30 years of taking SSRIs my dad just got off of them a few months ago, he had a brief period of feeling bad because of the dependence on them but now he feels so much better and I can tell he's gotten a new lease on life and I'm so happy for him.

    OP. Take responsibility for your actions. YOU got yourself into this situation by engaging in PMO whereby you have a neurotransmitter mismatch in your brain and YOU, need to get yourself out of it. Tough it out and embrace the reality that for a period of time you are going to feel MISERABLE and you're going to have to be stoic and strong like a man as you reclaim the part of your life that let become overgrown with the figurative weeds of complacency.
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    Okay and I agree the side effects are not good. There are also serotonergic supplements.
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    I could be wrong about this. But from what I have read it is quite unbelievable what SSRI anti depressants do in the brain.

    So serotoneric supplements will cause the brain and body to have higher levels of serotonin. But even though the brain and body will be higher in serotonin on these serotonergic supplements, the serotonin will still clear from the synapse. Where as SSRI anti depressants don't actually raise more serotonin in the brain and body, they actually trap the serotonin in the synapse, blocking the reuptake transporter from sucking the serotonin out the synapse. So what this basically does is keeps someones brain high in serotonin all the time.
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    Yes 5-htp supplementation doesn't block the reuptake so might not work as well.
  15. Antidepressants are used to get people out of a stupor that depression causes.
    Depression disrupts reward and motivational systems, life is no longer rewarding and individual is impossible to motivate, the whole system that should motivate him/her is disrupted.
    So individual should get up and do something to feel better, but he does not feel motivated to do anything, and so he cant help himself - stuck, lazy and very sad.
    Antidepressants, can work in multiple ways, but re-uptake inhibitors are most common, they rapidly correct mood and restore function to reward system, people begin to see purpose in life and take action to make it better.
    This is where they should be aggressively changing their life so that when they come off the medication they have enough momentum to stay positive and motivated.
    What tends to happen is people say - ohh I feel great, I am not going to change anything and when they come off medication they go back to depression.

    If you can avoid medication - you should, just make sure avoiding it does not lead you to suicide.

    In terms of mechanics - achieving goals gives you good mood, good mood gives self esteem, self esteem produces motivation.
    When people do not achieve anything they value or fail, they get bad mood, it then lowers their self esteem and that leads to lack of motivation, which leads to even lower activity and lower self esteem. This spiral is called depression, the longer you stay on it - the deeper your depression.
    Abuse emerges as an attempt to not feel like crap for at least a while, people intuitively look for some way to get out of depressive state and do something to make things better, because when they are depressed - they cant do anything.

    Once of the concerns I have for people trying to stop pornography use is the compounding depressive effects of constant failures, that only deepen the depression.
    Any type of failure especially one that means allot to the individual, significantly impacts mood, self esteem and motivation to continue. The more individual fails - the less he will want to try.
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