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    So, Im a 30 y/o heavy user. I used to PMO since age of 11 multiple times a day. Im in NoFap like a year or something. and by today I will be breaking the 2 weeks mark.

    2 weeks is the max time that I ever been clean since I born, I never went more than 8 days, but now, after a lot of months working on NoFap, I finally breaked my mark, and now Im just 2 weeks clean.

    Last days I had a lot of urges, but that is fine, I still have the mentality.

    So I moved out to live in another country, and im sharing house with female roommates. It was one key factor to keep me clean, since I decided to stop PMO for ethical reasons about live with girls. I dont want to be beating my meat with girls living in the same roof.

    Anyway, wath is bringing me here is because after a lot of work I didnt see major changes. I wont say that THERE IS NO CHANGES, that is ridiculous. Actually I think I feel less depressed and also on streets or public places I just started to not care about what other people are doing or thinking about me. But after that there is not major benefits. I expected to feel super great, motivated in life and also positive.

    But I see that good things will come based on my attitude in life, not matters if im PMOing or not. If my attitude is good, good things happens and I enjoy life. When im not interested in do things, so nothing happens.

    Anyway, just wanted to share my first time 2 weeks clean, I will keep working, I will not relapse at least for now. But telling you: not what I expected. And of course, I feel really horny and miss O and all P very much. I hear the neighbors having sex, and since I dont have sex like 2 years ago, it can be very destructive to me.

    There are potential girls for my future, but I need a partner to have sex right now, and I know that there is none any soon.

    Thank you for the space
    Your always awake Rambo
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