2 years of no PM

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Happy Man, Feb 13, 2019.

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    I am confusion , during the first 6 months no progressing and the urges hitting you regularly ?
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  2. Happy Man

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    Sorry for the late reply, been busy lately

    just leave your dick alone and enjoy the moment. Its something you learn and appreciate over time
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  3. Happy Man

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    You need to read my journal to understand. When you start, you have porn urges, then you move into flatline. If you have time, please read my journal. It won't take too long :)
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    I really needed to hear this thank u. i have just started my journey though im happy i started , im extremely depressed on the damage ive done to my mind. Hope to be in your position one day. If u dont mind how long were u pmo’ing before you decided to change?
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  5. This post is inspiring, specially for the people it's just starting. Thank you for sharing and congratulations for your success!
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    I am trying, my penis feels lifeless and Ive been having issues dealing with the mental block issues.

    It's all in Gods hands.
    Thanks for replying.
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  7. Jal Say

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    Congratulation ! :)
    Eckhart Tolle has a lot of videos online, very interesting and his teaching have helped me a lot in my life. I also recommend Alan Watts.
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  8. HelplessPleaseHelp?

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    Good job man!
    I believe you have made an incredible progress.
    Well done body!
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  10. Mr R.R

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    Great work man.how long you abstain from sex.I had a pied but I am recovering now do sex with real woman increase the recovery time or I should abstain completely from sex till I recover completely.As of now I am getting 30 % hard.plz help
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  11. Happy Man

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    I didn't think it was porn. I thought it was physical or mental. A friend told me about nofap. I started reading this forum and decided then are then I had to go on this journey.

    I discovered it was all 3. Porn was 80 percent of it. 10 percent health issues and 10 percent mental.

    Echard tolle helped with the mental and a book called toxic parents also helped. You have to meditate and figure out was is, the biggest psychological issue effecting you. If you know what is psychological issue is effecting you the most, buy the best book on that topic.
  12. Happy Man

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    I understand, we all been there
  13. Happy Man

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    It's up to you, there is no right or wrong answer. Everyone's journey is different. I always choose to have sex with a real girl even if I can't get it up. It was embarrassing when I couldn't get it up, so I told them all about nofap. This something you have to tell the girls or they think your not sexual attracted to them. Tell them you refuse to look at porn and sex noise's. Remember not to masturbate yourself during sex, let the girl do that for you. If you are half a year in or a year in, you should start.

    I did it right from the start when I was flatlining badly. Sometimes I do feel pressure during sex. I read enough post on here to understand it was normal. It was okay to be flatlining when your naked with a girl. I also knew I wanted to make it to the 1 years mark before I made judgements on my dick.

    Talking to girls was an issue as well, when your flatlining. You don't feel like it. You know your attracted to her but your dick is not responding. This is something you have to deal with

    I kept getting dumped by girls lol It had nothing to do with PIED. It was more of a incompatibility issue. I didn't read men are from mars before starting a relationship.
  14. Appreciable post.
    Liked it. Thanks for sharing
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  15. Asim Siddiqui

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    I guess its helpful to have a supportive partner in this journey.
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