2 Years Of NoFap & keep on failing

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  1. So what gotten me into NoFap, was hearing that it had benefits if quitting it, thinking "Doesn't seem that hard, I'll do it". But that was when I realise, that I had a porn addiction, as kept relapsing over and over again, as it being weekly with the longest I have gone was 28 days, but with lots of edging so it doesn't really help. Honestly I need to work harder on sopping myself and work on my will power outside from stop using my computer entirely, as need that to look for work. Though I need to work on myself to work on a stronger will, but I don't know how to go about it. So what I am asking is there any suggestions from you guys in what I need to do?
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    Willpower is a place to start, but it won't solve it on its own. In the end you need honest reasons why you want to quit. Knowledge really is power in this case. Educate yourself on all aspects NoFap.
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    Either check out the full playlist or the episodes specific on willpower. Good luck!
  4. I guess my reason, because it takes too much time out of my day when I do it, between 2-4 hours and more feeling like s**t for it, as not when I was doing it when I was younger, so need to keep my energy for more important things in my life.
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  6. You have to separate your sexuality from your idea of porn and masturbation abuse. These are two different things, do not bunch them together.
    Many people here link masturbation, sex and pornography. That is wrong.
    You are a human and you will want sex, and sex is not something you can avoid wanting, you are forced to want it same way you are forced to eat, drink, go to the bathroom.
    What you probably did is linked your desire for sex with all this no PMO stuff. And now when you want sex which you will, you see it as urge to PMO and not normal urge to satisfy basic human need.
    Separate the two
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    That's a good start man! You'll keep on finding little reasons along the road making your mindset shift easier and easier. Keep it up!

    I had been failing for 2,5 years before I had enough incentive to change for the better. Don't make this discourage you. After 2 years there still is enough opportunity!
  8. Of course, I want to work on having a healthy sexual relationship, just the porn I feel is muddling it up as it is a quick and easy way of getting it, with also it escalating to looking at more stuff that I am not sure I am attracted to, it more just for the stimulation of it. So I has become an addiction to me & I want to work on it so the addiction and sex isn’t intertwined.
  9. I point out completely different issue, you did not see that.
    You can not deal with addiction unless you clearly define it. What I often see is mixing of normal sexual desire and addictive behavior and labeling of both as bad.
    What happens next is individual begins fighting their sexuality - battle one can not win and see it as failure to deal with addiction.

    Addiction to pornography and masturbation is easy to define, - extended or frequent sessions(or both) of watching porn and masturbating. Withholding orgasm for long time.
    These are the behaviors one needs to stop. No more extended, very extended and mega extended sessions, no edging no porn for arousal.
    This means that sexual activities that do not fall in to above categories are normal, masturbation to satisfy a need is normal as long as the goal is to reach orgasm in reasonable amount of time.

    Relapses happen mainly because people try to control their sexuality, but body gets what body needs.
    Humans are addicted to sex - literally, at face value that is what we all have - addiction to sex, and you can not stop this addiction, it is in there by design, to keep us reproducing.
    People abusing sexual repose with porn and edging to feel high, connect natural nudge our body gives us to have sex with this abusive edging behavior.
    They say ohh I feel horny, I feel good - I can now go watch porn to feel even better, instead of what healthy response should be - I should go and have sex.

    Being horny feels good, and motivates us to seek sexual interactions, but this is where pornography abusing individual differs from normal healthy individual, person that abuses porn sees this state as an opportunity to get a high and that is the behavior pattern you need to break.
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  10. Okay admittedly when seeing the one before I did't fully understand and thought you where talking about working on having a more healthy sexuality and to not get addicted to wanting quick releases.

    Though at the moment I still think I am struggling to understand it all fully.

    Though with addictions, I have been extending my time with porn and masturbation with constant edging to keep up the high feeling when stroking, so I know that part is the addiction, where I have been extending it to be between 2-4 hours.

    Not sure this is on the same topic, but I guess it is also because of the idea of sexual transmutation of converting sexual energies into bettering one self, so maybe that might be a part of it or not. Also questioning if I am a sex addict or just addicted to the porn.
  11. Yeah, I guess it is just keeping it up and not giving up.
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    At the risk of repeating myself... Go and listen to Jose Silva's Ultra Mind and gain control of the super computer between your ears broman. You are a super human being man, you are trying and we get what we deserve in the end. You are an Addict and you should go into hardmode, then find a GF, but don't relapse. Greatness is in the mirror, don't doubt that.
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    This guy knows what he is talking about
  14. Wait did you post before? Though yeah I'll take a listen to that. Yeah, I am already in a relationship, though she doesn't see it, I do and fear what would come of the addiction. and what of Hardmode? No orgasming? I do want to work on dry orgasming, but I don't know how to.
  15. But sadly I don't seem to understand it :(.
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    I've been on NoFap for 9 months. My longest streak was 21 days. You see man, it takes years to get this crap out of your life, you gotta wait.
  17. Yeah, different people, different journeys type thing.
  18. When you are horny, satisfy that need instead of spending hours exploiting your horny state for pleasure.
    When you feel horny you go on to edge and watch porn for hours, instead of going after orgasm.
    Do you see how you feeling horny and wanting is normal but what you do when you are horny is not normal? Yet you see being horny as bad thing and it is not, your just do not act in healthy ways when you are aroused, you end up exploiting your own sexuality to feel a high.
    Porn addiction is not as hard to deal with as you think, just have an orgasm and you will not want it anymore for some time. But porn addicts learn one behavior really well - avoid orgasm at all costs, because that is where they are actually able to think straight due to drop in dopamine.
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    I didn't post it before, its just I tell everybody about Silva's Ultra Mind, he was a genius and it is my greatest weapon. When I say hardmode I mean no sad orgasm, no sad porn, no sad edging. That is when you realize the full power of Nofap bro. Then after 3 months have sex and just have sex, after 3 months you will understand everything. Keep going and don't believe 'it takes years' that is BS, it starts right fucking now and you power the fuck through, you can do this, its a mindset. You need to be angry with yourself and mad at being weak, you are super powerful, but you have to reach in that mirror and drag that out, take full responsibility for your choices.
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    If you decide it takes years, then it will take years, how long is years? Let me tell you it takes one moment to stand tall and have a fight with your mind, to decide no matter what 'I am done'. No one ever made 10 million without deciding that's what they wanted, that is what they are worth. Run your emotions, don't let them run you
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