2 YEARS of NoFap...Let's talk about my journey(Part 1)

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    The following is translated from China’s Jiese forums, all content belong to it’s respectful owners at: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/5904018496

    Hello Everyone, my name is hui jian zhan mo, I can’t believe it’s been two years since I started my NoFap journey! I feel I’ve changed so much! I recall my first rebooting days I felt helpless, weak and depressed. Although it was a difficult journey, I promised myself that I will fight to take back control of my life from the lust demon. Today, I’ve persevered and I’ve won. My mood is calm, and I have restored my mental serenity. My first streak is about a month, I felt ecstatic and unstable. Compared to my serenity now I felt like I matured a lot. Although I am enjoying my superpowers from NoFap, know that the temptation demon will strike back given an opportunity. Therefore it’s important to always maintain vigilance, cut out sexual fantasization and avoid being ripped apart by the temptation demon!

    Below I will talk about my experience since the start of my rebooting journey

    November 2015. Broke the reboot on day 10

    I started rebooting on september of 2015, at first I didn’t take it too seriously, I wanted to try it out a bit. When november rolled around, I started visiting Jiese forums once in a while. In the beginning I would not miss a single day of jerking off, so rebooting was difficult for me. Usually I would break my reboot every 3 days, but regardless there is still improvement, I also had a positive mentality. As I read rebooting articles, my knowledge increased and my streak increased too. It’s such a shame that I relapsed while procrastinating in bed with my phone!

    Analysis: I feel that if one wants to succeed in rebooting, one must find joy in rebooting, at the time I told the idea of rebooting to my close friend, so he joined my journey of rebooting. Although we would break our reboot, we never gave up, instead we encouraged each other and brought a new meaning to our friendship; we are both soldiers fighting on the battlefield of rebooting, we are competing who can survive longer, and not be defeated by the enemy!

    Let’s talk about the problem of procrastination in bed; this is such a common problem among brothers, out of every 10 cases of reboot almost half of them are caused by procrastination in bed. Therefore one must pay some extra attention to this problem, and work hard to change this bad habit. My suggestion is that; don’t make the bad habit of using your cellphone in bed. One must put their cellphones elsewhere while trying to sleep. Also don’t dwindle in bed when not sleeping, otherwise the temptation demon will strike and it will be easy to break the reboot. We must not make the bad habit of dwindling in bed with a cell phone!

    December 11. Streak broken on day 21

    After learning my lesson from breaking the 10 day streak, I felt revitalized. This time I broke the 20 day streak! Unfortunately I became too proud during a peak period of relapse and broke the reboot. At the time I was edging and fantasizing and didn’t know it would have serious harm to my body, therefore I would consider breaking the reboot. Regardless of breaking the reboot, the sinking, heavy feeling in my head disappeared, the quality of my sleep improved and I no longer feel exhausted after exercising. (Except for one time I went ham on my friends while playing badminton and I felt half dead).

    Analysis: Being too proud and relaxing the mind caused my relapse after 21 days. As you can see, the dangers of being smug, proud and relaxing vigilance. Although there are many articles out there about the mentality of being proud, I’d like to point out that one should realize the danger of being too satisfied and proud with oneself, it’s best to keep oneself humble, give others respect and be self aware.

    The peak relapse period will happen many times. It is related to mood, time, season, diet and sleep. The duration of peak relapse period will vary. Usually the first peak relapse period will be the strongest, and smaller peaks will follow down the line. How to handle these peak relapse periods? One must study rebooting articles every day, maintain a high level of vigilance. If you always study rebooting materials, cut out sexual fantasization and maintain vigilance you won’t relapse easily. The knowledge we obtain from reading articles will serve as a barrier between us and the temptation demon. One must also collect cases of health collapse after masturbation. These articles will serve as a warning to fellow brothers to not break the reboot, otherwise, the deterioration of one’s health will be eminent. And the hospital will soon be waving its hand at you!

    Thank you for reading,

    Part 2 is on the way
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