20 thoughts for my 20 day streak

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    Yesterday I unfortunately relapsed ending a 20 day streak. Although this may not seem significant this was a huge accomplishment for me and my longest streak in over a year. Having this streak allowed me to learn a lot about myself and what I need to do in the future to double and triple this streak. Here are 20 thoughts for my 20 day streak:

    1. Positivity, positivity, positivity. They key during these noFap streaks is to remain positive no matter what. Does it suck at times? Absolutely. But there's no point of doing of being negative/ having a negative mindset, it won't get you anywhere.

    2. The power of choice. Whatever is happening in your life, you have the power. Read that sentence again. Yes, you are in control of your life 100% of the time. Sure there are things that you can't control, but one thing you do have control over is your mind and the choices you make.

    3. Step 1: Decide who you want to be. Step 2: Prove it to yourself with small Wins. I recently began writing down small wins in my journal to keep me on track and motivated. It could be as simple as a nice meal, or I got complimented by someone. Regardless continue to collect small W's in pursuit of your goal. Small wins over and over will lead you to your goals.

    4. Sundays. Sundays are the enemy for me. By far the hardest day for me in terms of urges/wanting to fap. I think its because it's usually a lazy day for me. Likely hungover or tired from the weekend, I have found that this day in particular I need to be better.

    5. Porn is NOT a stress reliever. My relapse yesterday was partly due to me being super stressed out. I have found that the more stressed I am or have a ton of work to do, thats when urges are higher. I need to relieve stress in other ways and not resort back to porn.

    6. Real growth will be uncomfortable but super necessary. Yesterday, during the middle of my porn binge, my accountability partner messaged me and asked how I was doing. Instead of realizing what I'm doing, exit out of the tabs, and closing my laptop I continued the binge until I relapsed. Real growth for me will happen when I have the strength and awareness to exit out of tabs and avoid a relapse even if I am peeking or feel stuck in a binge.

    7. Stop peaking! Self explanatory, I can't keep checking my stable of sites or twitter accounts when I am bored or feel like I'm "going to miss something." You aren't missing anything!

    8. Energy boost from noFap is real. I could feel myself more energized, more alert, and concentrated on tasks. Watching porn is just a cluster for the mind.

    9. A relapse is made up in your mind hours before it actually happens. When I was fighting urges yesterday, I kept going back and forth trying not to give in and eventually, I caved. Win the battle in your mind. Continue to say no even if its hard.

    10. Exercise routine/diet. I cannot express this enough how important it is to stick to a regular training program along with eating good foods. You'll feel better and healthier I guarantee it. I recently have been meal prepping and it has helped wonders.

    11. Nature. As summer is approaching and warm weather is coming, I'm going to try and utilize being outside/ nature as much as I can. Will help with my mood and other things as well. Also look up the benefits of "grounding". It will help!

    12. Daily journal. I am now about 3 months into keeping a journal where I write 1-2 "journal entries" each day. I think it has helped me and I actually enjoy doing it. Just short 2-3 sentence thoughts about whatever is going on. Keeps me on track and focused.

    13. Cold showers every morning. This should be a stable in everyone's routine dealing with noFap. Theres something about forcing yourself to take a cold shower that just makes you feel way better and ready to attack the day. Doesn't even have to be long. I'll usually start out relatively warm for 1-3 mins, then semi cold for about 2 min, then really cold for 30sec-1 min and I'm ready to go.

    14. Boxing/UFC. I recently got into not only watching boxing/ufc but also training for it. Even though I don't plan on actually fighting anyone, its a good cardio exercise and makes me feel good "fighting". Because thats what this battle is with noFap, a constant everyday fight.

    15. Imagine a 3D look of yourself watching porn. During a podcast I listen to, one of the tips this man said to avoid watching porn is to imagine a 3D look of yourself watching it. You opening up the laptop, taking off your clothes, eyes glued to the screen, etc. If you have urges, just imagine how ridiculous you look from a 3D perspective. Would you want you mother/father seeing you like that?

    16. Time is money. Don't waste your time watching porn. Time is too valuable to waste. There are a million other things we could be doing that is better than fapping. Pick up new hobbies, try new things, literally just do anything but fap and its a win.

    17. Fight the "new normal". With everything goin on with covid and other nonsense, resist all at all costs what the government wants from you. Newsflash they don't care about you. The government wants you weak, stupid, addicted to porn, and overweight. Fight back!

    18. Read, read, and read more. Become a lifelong learner. No matter what career path you are, just read and gain more knowledge. It can be porn addiction related or something completely different. I have recently been reading books of exercise/training, bodybuilding, nutrition, and mindset.

    19. New streak starts NOW. I saw that I am capable of 20 days and its a good start. But why stop there? Lets get 40 days. Then 60 days. Then 100 days. Freedom is coming soon. Lets go!

    20. Thank you! If you made it this far thank you for reading. I find that its helpful when I get my thoughts out because during this journey it can definitely be lonely. If you are struggling too, you can always reach out to me. Let's conquer this journey!
  2. I really love everything you said here! Recovery is a seriously complex phenomenon and what I'm learning, even this far down the road, is that, for me, it has to be a totally new and inspired and all-consuming love affair with myself.
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    Good Job mate. I am nowhere near 20 days as I am only on day 2, but I thought I'd give you some advice for point 4. Maybe on Sundays go to Church. Even if your not religious, it is a place where you can get away from the computer or phone and just relax. Only a suggestion. Great list as well. Loved every single point you made and I have personally incorporated many of them into my lifestyle. I find it makes urges more bearable and I can harness my sexual energy in the gym and other forms of working out.
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