20 Year Old Male Looking for AP/AP Group

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by k7_E_a0_i, Aug 15, 2019.

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    I’ve been dealing with PMO/MO on-and-off for about a year now. My intentions, from the very beginning, have always been to permenanetly cut PMO from my life; it’s a completely unnatural, repulsive addiction that drains my energy, passion and motivation. I committed myself very seriously to NoFap (hard mode) when I realised that I’d been treating PMO/MO as a stress-avoidance mechanism. Since then my longest streaks have been 87 days and 74 days - I’ve never reached the 90 day mark. Every time I reach quite a significant streak I give in to the chaser effect:

    “Go on, do it just this once. You’ve came so far so surely it’s not an issue. Come one, just do it, it’s not a problem.”

    My most recent streak was 20 days, after which I decided it’s vital that I look for an accountability partner/group who not only I can help with my experience, but who can also help me.

    I’m just simply tired of commiting myself to NF then relapsing, commiting myself to NF then relapsing,...
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    I'm 18 and we're almost at the same level , I never reached 90 days too , I have had multiple big streaks but no 90 days and we can be ap partners

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