20 years old, new to nofap and 2 weeks in!

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by wasgood, Jan 17, 2018.

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    hey everyone,
    I've only been introduced to NoFap recently and I couldn't help but try it out. Initially I just kept relapsing but on the 3rd of January, i decided to put my foot down and give it a go and change my life.
    p.s - I used to masturbate almost daily before I discovered nofap.
    The first day wasn't that hard but I really started feeling the urge to relapse from the 3rd day. However, I felt different. It was like I had a lot more energy to spare. I am in college and I usually take afternoon classes so I could sleep till late in the morning but I took the initiative to go walking in the morning IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER. That is sort of a big deal for me because I am extremely lazy and when I told my friends that I've been walking every morning, they were in disbelief. Apart from the extra energy, I feel I might be attracting more women lately. Okay, I am relatively tall and just a tad bit good looking so I usually have one or two women I can always talk to but over the past two weeks, I feel that I've been getting a lot more attention and THIS GIRL I HAVE A CRUSH ON IS FINALLY TALKING TO ME- ON THE DAILY. Also its worth mentioning that it's a lot easier to have good posture now. Before, I used to only have good sitting and standing posture when I was aware of my current posture but now I no longer have a slump back and I've been told that my shoulders seem broader. (possibly because of my improved posture)
    Its been a great two weeks and the next goal is to make it to a month without relapsing. I am setting a new goal every week so that it doesn't seem to hard. Once I make it to a month, I'll set a goal to not relapse for 2 months and then again not relapse for 6 months.
    I had my first wet dream today and I feel a bit disappointed in myself. I know that involuntary ejaculation should not reset the counter but I cant help but feel kinda sad. It was around 7am in the morning and I felt like I had a boner but I just decided to continue sleeping and before I knew it, I was ejaculating. I've been feeling the urge to relapse today a lot more than usual. I dont know if it has anything to do with my wet dream. I am trying to stay as busy as possible but I feel a bit drained in energy today.

    I am really looking for advice from experts and also if they ever had similar experiences. I really want to stick to nofap. I've decided for myself that the only time I will orgasm and ejaculate is when I am having sex. NO PORN and NO MASTURBATION. Please give me some advice and what I can expect the coming weeks.

    thank you.
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    Hey dude, i've been through this wet dream issue where most of the time i relapsed but then i realised that we should stop thinking about porn and masturbation and stop worrying at the same time. I know this kind of unnecessary thoughts can't avoid that easily where we watch porn before and all those concept stays in our mind. That does not mean that you can't stop thinking about it, but you can ignore those thoughts as you don't react towards. As days goes by those thoughts slowly fades aways. Undergoing nofap helps me to clear brain fog and gives me full control of my thoughts. You did a amazing job for the past 14 days, don't give up man and stay strong with your goals.
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    thank you so much man. I've stayed off porn for the last 14 days except for one of those weak moments when you want to just have a peak. I always close the browser tab when I come to my senses.The urge to relapse today has been on another level ever since the wet dream in the morning but I am staying strong. This urge will pass. I kinda know that the pleasure from relapsing is not worth losing all this positive energy I have gathered around me. ONWARDS!
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    Nofap makes me more interested in women. I genuinely feel interested in their passions and interests now. I have to be honest, before, it was mostly about their outward appearance but now I feel happy to make emotional connections with them and for what it's worth, I have greater respect towards them now.
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  5. Hey @wasgood ,

    I'm nobody special on here. Just a regular user saying, "welcome".

    There is so much support on this forum, the profiles and the various groups. It works if you work it. I don't offer advise. I offer only my ESH (experience, strength and hope).

    My ESH is that NoFap is about action and that meant work for me. It is not about "not doing something", for me, it is about working my program.

    Work it? Oh yeah. There's work to be done, that's what's worked for me. Two things I've found necessary.

    1. I had to Learn the NoFap Program.

    2. Getting involved with the community on here was vital to help my recovery.

    Learn the NoFap Program
    The resources listed on the "New Users: List of Rebooting Resources" helped me find my way around the reasons behind the program and the terms used.

    They are:

    You can find this same list on the top of the forum you posted this message on at - the "New to NoFap" forum.

    Get Involved with the Community
    The community has been my lifeline. I've found journals I love, people who are very supportive and a place where I could get to work helping in a small way others.

    Remember, I'm just a normal user with no magic powers. But, I can:

    • Read Journals, and comment when I have ESH
    • Find people I admire and stay in touch via their profiles
    • Pick a forum and make sure evvery post gets and answer. I can't answer them all, but that's good - different opinions make for a better group.
    • Post in my journal (I could be better at it - but I do milestone posts at least) To make a journal go to the section listed by age and start one. Keep all your journal posts in one thread. But, for random thoughts, you can create a new thread.
    Looking forward to seeing you around on the forums,

    * L

    PS - Think of pmo like a wolf. Stay near the center of the group with the winners and the wolf has a more difficult time finding you. But, stray near the edges of the community and the wolf can pick you off.
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    15 days is kicking rear! Good for you. HERE are some things helping me.
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    Dont worry dude. Wet dreams cause only the luquid part of your semen to come out. That means that all your solid energy is still in yourself. Wet dreams can even be beneficial and may help your solid semen to be reabsorbed in your body if you manage to go on a long streak

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