20 yo male from germany looking to get started

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by juppwupp, Feb 23, 2019.

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    I just joined the community and in order to not be alone in my struggle i would like to team up! I don't relly care who you are just know that i have big goals but i don't intend to reach for the stars from the beginning. I believe in taking small steps towards success and would like to have someone or maybe multiple people to whom i feel accountable. I would like to share my experience and my streak on a daily basis.
    So, if you are like me, new to this whole thing and you also want to break free or if you are a veteran trying to reach your next goal, let's DO THIS.
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  2. Jal Say

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    Hey there,

    If you still search for an Ap, I'm 18 yrs old, male and german.
    Atm at day 14 but I wan't to go big as well.
    Dream big, live bigger :)

    Just pn me if you have interest
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