200 Days. A Must Read For Serious Fapstronauts

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by TheMessenger, Aug 19, 2014.

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    200 Days Hard Mode. A Must Read For Serious Fapstronauts

    Hello everyone, I previously posted about my 130 day benefits but im back with good news. I successfully made it to 200 (actually 197) but i know i wont have time to post on the day. Anyway lets get into this.

    if you wanna see who i was before nofap read my last post and youll see all of it. It maby relevant to more then 80% of you here. but im here to spread the good news my people.


    1. Complete control of social situations, For example i set the pace and tone of the people around me. meaning if their having a bad day. i know subconsciously exactly what to do to elevate every bodies mood, making you the go to guy.

    2. Deal with stress wonderfully, negative emotions is out of the picture, it gets to a point where its hard to feel bad sometimes. (you do feel down sometimes but thats actually your brain taking a break from all the joy chemicals in your brain and you come out feeling better and the cycle repeats)

    3. Woman. Now this is my favorite part. Never in my whole life have i felt this comfortable with woman. Ive learnt rejection is just a test to show how strong you are. If you get rejected, a wimp would simply be apologetic and leave, but a man would simply wink at her and tell her "i like challenges" trust me i have never had this much success with woman. Dont worry about your looks. money. yadayada zzzz. if you know the right things to say to tickle their brain juices. your unstoppable.

    4. No social anxiety. infact i long for social interactions or il feel bored. Confidence is through the roof. People hit me with the "your vein" or " you love yourself to much" i tell em. yes i do love myself. just as you should love yourself. how can you love somebody else when you cant love the person you see in the mirror. Love yourself people. Everybody has their positives.

    5. The term alpha male is taken out of context. People think of it as a dominant male whos stronger then everybody, looks down on people and gets all the woman he wants. Thats far from the truth. A true alpha male is a person who knows how to influence others, The power of charm. Friends can get you a long way from free food to job hookups and many more. Learn to be confident loving and charming, Doesnt matter what your outward appearance is youll be a alpha male to the people you come across.

    6. School, ive never done better in my whole life. I feel like i have a purpose now and i want to do something with my life. i want to make a lot of money. find the sexiest woman. marry her have kids. my life is in my hands and i can feel it.

    7. Happiness has to be the biggest for me. I am so happy with where i am now, before i started i couldnt even imagine i would be here. now that im here. im here to stay.

    There are to many positives to abstinance. People it is worth it. No social anxiety at all. i could go on and on and bore you but im not going to do that. you have to join me in this journey and i believe we could conquer anything.

    Sending my love to all my fellow fapstronauts!

    Yours Truly. The Messenger
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  2. krazykhan786

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    Congrats. Are you on hardmode? Because i'd also like to see myself completing this much days but i am a single male and i'm doing this hardmode. I dont know how tough it will gonna be.
  3. APCIA

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    nice! keep up the good work
  4. TheMessenger

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    Yes i forgot to mention. its hard mode. im going to edit the post.
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  5. fapadonna

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    Fantastic! I am noticing positive changes in myself as my time goes along. Stay strong everyone!
  6. Hiroki

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    I failed hard the other day. Had a couple months in, not a single peep or touch. This post is what I need to get me back on my feet.
  7. dextermorgan

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  8. fap addict

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    Inspirational stuff I am feeling far less tired during the day. For years I wilted mid-afternoon but now this is not happening. Wonderful.
  9. c-l-a-s-h

    c-l-a-s-h Fapstronaut

    Good work my friend.
  10. 200 Days Hard Mode!! Man you Deserve so Much Respect from me,and C-l-a-s-h you too ^. I'm on my 5th day,got to learn more from both of you and achieve my goal. :)
  11. your post has insipired me to go even further than I have gone before although,I havent reach my milestones as yet I will keep this post in mind and use it as my insipiration.
  12. coolmike87

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    Post more my friend!!! We need more people with longer time to stick around and help all of us out!!!
  13. 3. Women. Right things to say? Oh damn, I thought we were all different and got juicy brains from different words.
    5. Absolutely amazing way of putting it!

    Over all a fantastic post, good job man! you've earned it ;)
  14. Onaniking

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    Keep on keeping on and don't stop!!
  15. TheMessenger

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    Number 3 when i say right things to say, i don't necessarily mean there's "a" right thing to say when it comes to woman, But youll just know the right things to say to draw em towards your personality and your way of thinking. Think of it as drawing them closer to your world. And yes your definitly right everyone is different, So everyone will have a different approach, just depends on how strongly you can influence your own personality into others. Cheers :)
  16. Yea I think thats what it is. Not saying the right words to get them closer but you say them with confidence and security and that is what I think the thing that gets women towards you. Yea you mean like PMO free you have a clear way of thinking and understanding that makes women comfortable around you.

    P.S by the way you said you message I already get your point :p
  17. Monk mode

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    u r the chosen one i wud like to follow.
  18. deepkk

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    Great !!!! Share how you achieved this 200. How you could abstain. What where your tips and tricks ??????????????????????????????????????????????
  19. Iggy

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    Mad respect to you man
  20. TheMessenger

    TheMessenger Fapstronaut

    Cold showers brother, Research about elevating your testerone naturally, excercise is good. Think of it as everytime you jerk off you become less confident. And you wanna strive to be confident and the best you can be. Cheers :)
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