2015 NoFap Challenge - April Complete

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Hope84, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Hope84

    Hope84 Fapstronaut

    There is one day left to the month, how is everyone doing?

    This month for me seemed a little more difficult that others, but i'm glad i'm still going strong. Temptation comes in many forms. Please share your story this month, what you succeeded in, what was difficult, or how you plan to make May different from April.
  2. Well, I only made it 1/3 of April Nofap. Still feel quite awesome after only 10 days.
  3. Kristian

    Kristian Fapstronaut

    I joined on the 13th of April and relapsed on 16th. From that day (up until today) I managed to refrain myself. For 14 days. My personal best is 3 weeks+ and I'm heading straight to beat my record. Congratulations on your so-far abstinence! ;)
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  4. depo27

    depo27 Fapstronaut

    This month's nofap wasn't hard for me, but I had to make difficult personal decisions, thankfully everything turned out all right in the end. I managed to stay calm most of the time. I can't believe I've made it this far. I feel proud, clean and clear-sighted. Next month is a great opportunity to reaffirm my commitment to nofap, because I'll achieve 150 days of freedom, and I feel excited. :D
  5. Hope84

    Hope84 Fapstronaut

    Congrats man, thats awesome. Achieve that goal!
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  6. sir fappanot

    sir fappanot Fapstronaut

    So far, I've made improvement this April I'd say. Looking at my spreadsheet, I mo'd a total of 10 times last month. This month, I've Mo'd just seven times, and PMO'd 1 time. Obviously, Pmo is bad, but at this point it's several days behind me, I feel great going forward, and it hasn't tripped me up much at all.

    For May, I really want to kick it off strong with a strong start. Making it past my previous hard mode record of 15 days. Mark my words, I'm getting past it! I figure I'll be able to keep it under 8 MO's for the month, and be free and clear of porn.

    Today was my birthday, just turned 19, so I just really want to put the past in the past! Forward!
  7. Cooldude4

    Cooldude4 Fapstronaut

    well, well, For me its a successful No Fapril.
    Two hard mode of 14 :)days each.

    Any one for NoFap May
  8. Alpinist

    Alpinist Guest

    All in... I'm still on this ship - hardmode. I had a heavy temptation. Went out with a girl, did a lot of flirting but did not go all the way. Being so close to her made me very horny but I hung in there and I'm still going string!!! May here we come!
  9. Saber_tooth7

    Saber_tooth7 Fapstronaut

    I am up for May, bring it on!!!
  10. tosspot

    tosspot New Fapstronaut

    I started nofap on the 4th April and have just completed 30 days without masturbating and saw bugger all porn - and less inclined to do so . It has been worthwhile and I just want to keep going. All the best to everyone.

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