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  1. Hey, I'm Sexless, or Kitty. I answer to either. I didn't realize there were actually people who want to do the same thing I am starting to do.

    With the help of my queer partner, I will be abstaining from all fap and orgasms for all of 2020. I don't even have to mention partner sex, because I don't enjoy that and so I don't partner sex by default. Accepting that I was never gonna do that again was really freeing. I felt a lot of pressure, internal and external, like if I never slept with anyone I wasn't a real adult. I know better now.

    Right now I only masturbate about once a month. So not that different from not doing it at all. I enjoy my solo outings, but after I climax I invariably think "I wish I had waited longer" or "now I have to start over" or wish I'd kept myself on the edge longer, like taking a half hour to climax instead of 10 or 15 minutes.

    Welp, now I won't have to worry about those feels. I don't anticipate 2020 being a struggle, but I am here now putting support in place in case something changes. My partner helps a lot, but she is sexual and doesn't understand me needing to do this. We're platonic and poly, and I guess she has sex with whoever she likes. It's not part of us and the topic doesn't interest me, so I'm just happy if she's happy.

    That's pretty much it. I'm looking forward to making some new friends here.
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    Good luck! Log the benefits you receive and continue to share your NoFap experience.

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