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  1. 2019 is almost over, its time to move to the next phase. New objective: achieve asexuality. I just dont hav eit as a guy and tbh i feel really uncomfortable being straight. I hate lusting over women, i hate it, it just doesnt feel right. Its a perversion in my case.

    Im a 24 yo virgin, i have been doing nofap for more tha a year. I achived lots of great things in this time, im proud of myself. But i realized that getting laid is impossible and mreley liking women is just wrong at this point.

    I stopped lifting weight because it made me feel ucomfortable. I felt weird to have all thiese big muscles yet on the inside being a desperate little incel. I was sick of that.

    I invest my energy learning guitar, i already learnt bass and i moved to guitar in July. I hope i can do this. I know i wont get laid, its not God's fault, and its beyond my control but my sexuality can be and will be put under control.

    I dont care if i become a faggot in the process being macho while being an incel is a bad combination. Too much testosterone is bad in my case. I have pretty big testicles and lifting weights caused to swole even more.
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  2. why shouldnt i feel shame? after all, we are social creatures and we must find the best way to fit in and being a physically intimitating desperate virgin is obviously not a suitable one
  3. because you are stronger than others yet girls dont pick u

    its pointless lol and you look silly tbh. as a man you are your face after all. physical strenght is for losers anyway.
  4. not its not ok. i got sick of drawing attention with my muscles. i hate that. i only lifted because i thought it would make me more attractive. i just had gains beyond what i planned cause my father has a robust build and i had the genes for it
  5. Then stop working out :) Don't do anything and you will be Mr Winner.
  6. i did actually. well, my subscription ended actually lol but i did stop. and i m happier than ever. i dont rly care tbh.
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  7. i dont rly get the point of these books. the title screams "preudo alpha male thinking and toxic masculinity". i hate anything thats mascualine rly. its toxic and repulsive.women hate it too. most men who get laid are skinny fat low T pretty boys its clear as day that masculinity is a disgusting concept. i really wish i was an underveloped low T pretty that didnt get laid. i would like myself mroe like that.
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  9. i try to
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    No one:
    Mandala: I’m a 24 year old virgin
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  11. This doesnt seem right. Are you sure you are truly asexual? Why is it wrong feeling sexual attraction towards women? Porn is one thing but it is nothing wrong in feeling attracted to real life women. You say it doesnt feel right. What I see from what you write is a great deal of insecurity towards women. I work out. I dont do it for the muscles. I do it to feel better. A healthy alternative to PMO. Working out cures depression, it gives you better posture, better sleep. You say that working out seems pointless. Maybe lifting weights isnt your style. Maybe try some yoga or dancing instead.
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