206 days PMO, and feeling great

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ForMyQueen, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. ForMyQueen

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    I declare my continued commitment to NoFap, my experience has been amazing. I'm 25 had porn induced ED, 206 days later I'm almost completely ED free and it feels great. No more Pmo for me, my love life with my beautiful woman is fucking amazing my mind has never been sharper, I'm fit working out, I have confidence in myself that I have never ever had before. I never worry about ed anymore. Happiness is so great and I can read books now that my brain fog is gone. You can do it guys sign me up I'm looking for a new AP. am totally cool with who ever and I can help you get better and ditch the Pmo and get a real girl/guy and have a clear mind more self confidence and just a better life free of Pmo. Keep strong gents and And gals on here you can do it!!!!!
  2. r8js

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    congratulation on ur 205+days.
    this is very encouraging to all of us.

    congratulation on ur being courageous , willing-full and staying strong for 205+days in this journey.
  3. Souhail

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    can you tell us more about positive changes in your life so far
  4. Thunder Blaster

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    You are really inspiring, and honestly I feel sad because I want to reach my dream of no more PMO for the rest of my life but sometimes it seems like everything I'm doing is useless. But I also know that if I really believe that I can do it in my mind, then everything will be more easy. Can you please share with me how you made it and how should I fight this problem? I've been fighting against this for like 2 years and nothing changed, just some small achievement. Please I would really defeat this monster but sometimes I fell like my mind fight and gainst me. Anyway congrats for the 206 day with no PMO!
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  5. Sebs0912

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    I've been feeling a bit hopeless about ever fully overcoming the compulsion. But when I read your words I feel as though I have an honest shot at it.
  6. Robbiebob

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    Hay... Love this story!!! This is fantastic,.. Your a inspiration... Keep up the good work...
  7. Sakhi

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    Where are you from brother? :)
  8. Knarendra

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    Congrats man.I think i have same problme can you tell me estimated time for reboot or recovery for me.I am 23 yr old and i have been M since 13 yrs and PM since 8yrs not on regular basis but once in 2 days. I started nofap before 26 days,yesterday i relapsed but now i am starting it again with a bigger target. I am getting married in 2018 so plz help me
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  9. Sakhi

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    Im the same as you man. Amazing being on no pmo for 26 days in great achievement. Im also 23 im really struggling to quit masturbation but the longest I went without it was 13 days. And again I faild. Today Im on day 13 again. But watched porn
  10. Knarendra

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    Dont worry bro you can get your mile stone just keep focus

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