[20M]Flatline and very bad mood after +60 days

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by LoyalKnight, Jul 16, 2019.

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    Here I am again. I've managed to pull myself out of a very shitty time... I reached 110 days in the past but feel deep.

    I felt a strong sexual desire to meet women until now and actually had a few dates as well (which is a great progress for me) during this streak.

    I wasn't getting ANY urges whatsoever until a few days ago. How do I feel now?

    I had great hope in myself and my abilities throughout most days and I was emotionally very expressive. I had such a great confidence and voice. All is gone now, I doubt myself extremely and feel just shitty as well. I lost my desire to go out and socialise, but getting urges for the first time in this streak (after over 60 days!). I don't know anymore. Why did my mood and confidence change to the opposite?

    I really had amazing superpowers until very recently. Dead real sexual drive, no confidence, loss of superpowers is what I've got. Not being able to enjoy music or other stuff anymore. A few days ago I started lightly eating sweet stuff again which I didn't ate during this streak at all......

    I cannot explain this to me. I've had countless streaks of 50,80 etc. Days during my last 3 years here. Seems like this period is where I've always relapsed again.

    Please people, say something..... I feel lost. Where did my real desire go.... Its dead.

    Yep, +60 days of hardmode and no PMO.
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    Could just be a small flatline. When for some reason your confidence isn't coming naturally like it usually would then you need to fall back on being able to generate that confidence. Exercise, standing tall, smiling, do little things that you'll feel a small sense of achievement after doing. Know that despite this small setback you're still making progress and things will be even better when you push through this.
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    @keepitreal-88 has said it well. Do things that MAKE the positive endorphins flow: gym, if not for strength, for endurance...don't set yourself to fail with past goals and weight levels. Just go EXERCISE and enjoy yourself - pride yourself on the amount of TIME you invest in your body, you will feel better physically and mentally.
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    My Journal
    Dear friend,

    You've come a long way, just keep going on that track !
    We all have moments things seem harder than before, but if we hold on we can get passed this feelings. Come on now buddy !

    Keep progressing, you can do it !

    Stay committed, stay positive, and stay strong ! I hope you're ok my friend <3

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