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  1. seaguy44

    seaguy44 Moderator Assistant

    Day 3 out of 21 days.
    Total: 24 days, will be 25 days tomorrow.

    Urges - nonexistent. Erecctons - zero except the morning wood. This is a flatline.

    Focus: Getting to the first month mark.
    It's obvious that there's still a lot more healing beyond the 30 day mark.

    Will start to add daily meditation. Starting for 10 minutes only.
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  2. Tesseract

    Tesseract Guest

    hi ! why is nobody on the hall of fame ?
  3. "Complete Day 2" - "Started Day 3" (total 63 days)

    I'm feeling less and less distracted as these days go by. This is kinda a new experience for me.

    I don't really feel much urges, but in the course of this reboot I know I'll have many low moments where I just get lazy, or maybe distracted, which is fine, but I need to make sure I consciously focus myself toward the direction of my goals.

    I'm understanding that the vision we carry with are selves can take us through thick and thin, and the trials we face are what gives us character, and the ability to endure.

    One of the biggest reasons we need consistent control, and endurance is because of what lies underneath distraction, and addictions is the true nature of reality.

    Addictions and distraction misguide are vision of the future we have.

    Meditating is sorta shifting my perspective on things a little bit.

    The last few years I've been selfish. Many of the bad traits I have now, are partially a result of my addiction, and definitely all the distraction I've allowed in my life.

    Anyways, this all for now guys. This was just a bit of word vomit, as are most of my posts.

    Remember to try to build good habits, and not to beat yourself up when you make small mistakes, cause remember, there just small mistakes.

    The things are we tell are selves can change us more than we realize, and that's just amazing, and quite motivating.
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  4. seaguy44

    seaguy44 Moderator Assistant

  5. TheFlash123

    TheFlash123 Fapstronaut

    Day 5/21
    I had no urges today. My urges are going minimal nowdays. What I got to know that, when you replenish you'll get intense urges for many days.

    If you just able to cross 21 days then, it would be easy to stay on NOPMO , for another month.
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  6. seaguy44

    seaguy44 Moderator Assistant

    Yep. I agree. It gets easier and easier as we go further into NoPMO Journey. We do still get urges, but we are learning more on how to really ride it out. My mind and soul is strong to say no and refuse to give in even through the urges are making my body crave as if it's the last day of the world.

    That's one big benefit I have noticed regarding my mind: stronger inner strength
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  7. Kenny89

    Kenny89 Fapstronaut

    Put me down for two
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  8. ameliorate

    ameliorate Fapstronaut

    Just completed the 14 days challenge, keen to get another 21 under my belt. Checking in for Day 0/21.
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  9. vastsa

    vastsa Fapstronaut

    Day 0
    I'm in :)
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  10. DeProfundis

    DeProfundis Fapstronaut

    And ...... I'm back to Day 0 again. :(

    Was frustrated about my illness these few days, and was bored being indoors too. So started looking at softcore, then progressing to hardcore. I will go take a walk outside now and try not to brood so much.
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  11. User047

    User047 Fapstronaut

    Day 6 (Total 27) - Saw my neighbor a couple of hours ago and what followed were some thoughts about sex.
    Thanks to Four Steps (from the book You are not your brain) I was able to identify those thoughts really fast and deal with them.
    Here is the entire process.

    Step 1: Relabel
    - Thoughts about having sex with this particular women and fantasizing.
    Step 2: Reframe - Those thoughts are not ME! They are coming from my addicted brain.

    Wise Advocate (Buddha): Those thoughts are conditioned by years of watching porn! They are not healthy! (I won't write in details what thoughts I had because they are triggering) They have nothing to do with a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. They are the result of your bad brain wiring. If you focus on those thoughts and feed them, you will end up relapsing by masturbating alone in bed. What your though are telling you have nothing to do with the reality. Most likely, this particular women would consider your thoughts and sexual preferences weird.
    Even if you got her in bed and have sex with her, what is the point of that? Sex doesn't provide lasting happiness. You would want more of it, and more, and more....
    Chasing pleasure after pleasure...it is a never ending cycle.
    Forming meaningful connections is another thing.

    Step 3: Refocus - As I was sitting outside and enjoyed a lovely sunny morning, i did not have access to brain games and I did not want to go inside and play those games. I have used mindfulness as my Refocus activity. Focused on birds drinking water, noticed different sounds and enjoyed the warm feeling of the sun on my skip.

    Worked amazing! I was able to change my focus really fast and forget about fantasizing.

    As you can see, i had only 2 options.
    Option ONE was to focus on those thoughts and feed them. If I had followed them best case scenario would be for me to feel miserable, alone, and depressed. Worst case scenario = relapse.
    Option TWO was to focus my attention somewhere else and to stop feeding those thoughts. Which I did!
    This was a "small" victory :)
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  12. User047

    User047 Fapstronaut

    Congratulations! :)

    Welcome :)
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  13. 5adn8m8

    5adn8m8 Fapstronaut

    Day 3/21.good luck everyone.
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  14. Hattori Hanzo

    Hattori Hanzo Fapstronaut

    Almost day 5 here. Hall of fame here I come.
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  15. Anonymous101_

    Anonymous101_ Fapstronaut

    Day 2 completed. My mind is telling me to watch porn, not going to do it. I'm not going to destroy all the progress I've made so far.
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  16. SadDad

    SadDad Fapstronaut

    Is sex with partner counted as part of the POP or is this permitted?
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  17. SadDad

    SadDad Fapstronaut

    PMO not POP sorry guys. Stupid predictive text
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  18. User047

    User047 Fapstronaut

    @SadDad You make your own rules.
    It depends on your personal goals. Many people are having regular sex when doing this challenge.
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  19. leaveitalone

    leaveitalone Fapstronaut

    Finished 14 day challenge - on to 21 day challenge: Day One
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  20. leaveitalone

    leaveitalone Fapstronaut

    If you and your SO are apart and you were to start having phone sex, would that count as M. Haven't done it, but will be away from home and need to make sure I avoid the possibility if it is M

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