21 Days Challenge : for a better version of you

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  1. Space_Fox

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    How does this challenge work ?
    In this challenge you have to do:
    - 21 days of no PMO

    - Do a exercice in every day of challenge (Benefits you will notice : increase of testosterona, lose of weight, more energy,
    muscle enlargement and others.)

    - Meditate every day (Benefits you will notice : Anxiety decreases, creativity increases, happiness increases, gain clarity and peace of mind, increases the energy level, as you gain an inner source of energy and others.)

    - Take cold showers every day (Benefits include :
    Refines Hair and Skin, Speeds Up Muscle Soreness and Recovery,

    Increases Alertness and others)

    But because 21 days ?
    Twenty one days is the time the brain needs to adapt to a change.Most likely you will find resistance at first, but from the 22nd day onwards the action will be performed naturally and you will miss it if you do not do it, because your brain will already be accustomed to practice. No effort or discomfort.

    Rules :
    - You need to start at day 0 and you need to comeback in this thread every day until you reach 21 days!
    - When you complete this challenge you will mention me (I will add you on the hall of fames) and talk about the changes you noticed.

    Good Luck !

    Hall of Fames :
  2. immadothis

    immadothis Fapstronaut

    I will join, I'm doing everything but no cold showers , so imma do cold showers and update them here, on how long :)
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  3. immadothis

    immadothis Fapstronaut

    I did a 1minute cold shower lol
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  4. immadothis

    immadothis Fapstronaut

    I did monday in the shower a 1minute cold shower, now I kind if am having an cold
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  5. immadothis

    immadothis Fapstronaut

    I need recovery, so imma try 1minute
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  6. immadothis

    immadothis Fapstronaut

    yesterday I think I did longer then 1minute but it was so much easier I even made it colder and it felt so good

    today In the morning I was lazy but I did a cold shower of 1minute and it felt good, and I did make it colder, when cold shower is done it feels like emotional orgasm lmao
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  7. immadothis

    immadothis Fapstronaut

    today I gotta do one, so after my workout I will
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  8. Pull the trigger

    Pull the trigger New Fapstronaut

    Sounds cool I am in.
    Starting now with my cold shower. :)
  9. immadothis

    immadothis Fapstronaut

    thursday til now, I did a 1minute shower at least, I'm used to the cold now it's easy now, Now I done one too, so today is completed too
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  10. DeanR

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  11. AplhaGoku

    AplhaGoku Fapstronaut

    Am joining in
    Its April 28 2018 7.38 am here
    So May 19 2018 is when i will complete
    Day 1 started
    21 days left
    Hope this thread remains active and we support and motivate each other.
    We can have a better life the key is with us.
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  12. mister3

    mister3 Fapstronaut

    I already met challenges of 7 and 14, today I'm going for 21, with exercises, meditation and shower, I trust that everything will be fine
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  13. nilesh bodhale

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  14. franed98

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  15. Froger

    Froger Fapstronaut

    Day1. I guess i am the one behind you now. Dont let me overtake you.
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  16. Nice! I am in already smiling because of the cold shower i am going to have this evening :)
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  17. I think you are going to do great :)

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