21 DAYS !!!!

For Fapstronauts who are disciples of Christ

  1. aderbal

    aderbal Fapstronaut

    hello hello dear friends, first I want to say that I am fine, I live in the south of Brazil, and we just went through a cyclone, thank goodness we are well, finally let's go to the central issue, 21 days without fap, I feel that I am getting better, but I also feel the triggers and the will to sin even bigger, but whenever I feel like this, I write to the forum, I pray a lot, I talk to God, and that goes on, a lot of p*** is invading my social networks, I was 2 days without instagram and twitter, which also helped me to not have a relapse, I am getting better every day, but I feel the weight of still consuming p***, even if involuntary appears on my timeline, I try to avoid it, and I avoid it, I am strong and I know that even being bombed of this because of our society, I will never give up, first 21 days of many, pray for me my friends, I always remember you in my conversations with God

    - a hug from brazil, aderbal <3 ;)
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  2. Kemar935

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    I'll be praying for you!
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  3. Many have found it helpful to eliminate social media form their lives entirely, at least for a time. For example, I never use IG and only use Twitter very sparingly. Another helpful practice is to eliminate idle browsing of the internet. If you are just mindlessly scrolling, you are going to end up in a bad spot. Don't do this. Instead, only use the internet for specific, planned purposes. Otherwise, stay off of it.

    We can get free and stay free, but we must develop habits to help us to do so, and we must remain vigilant and engaged with our recovery every single day.
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  4. Good job keep going

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