21 M, have been in denial of PMO addiction for 8 years and decided to change myself for the better.

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  1. For the last 8 years I always told myself that masturbating more than 10 times a day is just a phase, I'll grow out of it, I could stop if I wanted and that it doesn't do any harm. I tried to abstain from PMO multiple times in the past, but the urge to masturbate came back stronger than ever before each time and I started watching absolutely disgusting categories of "adult entertainment", even the thought of which would make me throw up in the past. I felt regretful and disgusted about what I had watched, about what I had done and shameful of what I had become each time after masturbation, but I couldn't stop no matter what. This addiction had destroyed my mind and body in ways that I could never fathom.
    I had all the symptoms of PMO addiction, but I could never connect the dots and realize that what I was going through was much more severe than I thought it was. I found about this community on 13th Jan, 2021 and I am thankful to all the members and this community for all the information and support that has been documented which has helped me in understanding how PMO addiction works and how I can reboot myself.
    So, I've decided that I will change myself no matter what and I will turn my life around for the better. Today is my 0th Day.
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